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When I was left with only panties, I realized that my penis was already fully excited, and that the remaining part of the toilet on me, in general, already does not hide anything.
Therefore, without any embarrassment, I took them off, having appeared completely naked, to the look of Lyudmila.
She seemed to like what she saw, her eyes were burning, her breathing was quickened, a blush appeared on her face.

– This is really the best gift, but I don’t like something, come with me.
She got up and headed towards the bathroom, I followed her, not having the slightest idea what was waiting for me.
“Now we will shave you a little,” said Lyudmila, when I found myself where I was told to be (and to be precise, in the bathroom itself), and in her voice I felt an imperious note.
Pulling out the razor, she gently began to shave my pubis, gently touching the hand of my dick.
I was so excited that I was ready to fulfill all her wishes.
About ten minutes after the start of the procedure, I no longer had any hair on my pubic hair, or on my testicles, and even on my ass.
Being satisfied with the work done, Lyudmila led me back to the bedroom, where she slowly took off her

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outerwear, remaining in panties and bra.
What I saw, strangely enough, I liked it, even though its huge buttocks were already prone to cellulite, and the belly hung indecently, I still looked at her without stopping.

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“Kiss my legs,” I heard, and without delay, falling on my knees began to kiss her magnificent legs, going down lower and lower to her fingers, each of which I then gently licked.
This Lyudmila liked, and she was not going to stop.
Throwing off her bra, she released her big breasts, which immediately ordered to kiss.
I proceeded without delay, taking each nipple in my mouth and sucking it slightly, then, covering every inch of her belly with kisses, I began to descend.
She understood my intentions and appreciated them.
Pulling off her panties, she pulled my head to her shaved bosom, and told him to properly handle tongue.
I, frankly, only this was necessary.
I licked her cave, enjoying its aroma and juice, with such diligence that after ten minutes, Lyudmila’s legs clamped my head, trying to pull her even closer to her bosom.
I felt that she was about to reach orgasm and therefore sped up her actions.
It did not take long to wait.
After a couple of minutes, the birthday girl moaned sweetly, and then easily pulled away from me.
I could not hold back anymore, my hand began to caress my penis.
Seeing this, Lyudmila made it clear to me that I would continue to do this until she was again excited.
It did not take long to wait, after a few minutes I was told to lie down on the bed, which I actually did.
Taking my phallus in my hand, Luda sent it into her vagina, and sat on me as a horse, began to use my penis in full.
I just lay on my back and watched her breasts and belly jump up, hands stroking her buttocks.
The races continued for about fifteen minutes, after which Ludmila had another orgasm.
My own member was still firm and strong, and for some reason I did not want to finish.
Having a little recovered breath, Lyudmila got down from me and lay down beside me.
– In general, everything turned out not bad, but for prevention, so to speak for the future, you need to punish you a little.
– Punish how? – I was surprised and realized that there was still a lot of interesting things ahead of me.
– Now you know, for starters, go to the bathroom. 3gp sex online video.

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