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Tightened Ksyusha tightly around the waist and slightly raised her ass over the bed.
Now it was possible to accelerate as you like.
– Oooh! – moaned Xenia.

How deep! ”“ Do you like it? ”“ Yeah! ”“ And so? – I sharply crashed into it.
– Yeah! – And so? – another sharp push.
– More! I began with ecstasy to ram her girlfriend’s neat asshole.
At the same time with me, Vika began to intensively pull at her clit.
The girl began to squirm languidly and moan loudly.
She was clearly on the verge, not so much of an orgasm, but already ecstasy.
I hardly kept her in my hands and continued to fuck in the ass.
Tight, juicy, tender ass! Just great feeling! When I finally was discharged, Ksyusha finished at least a couple of times.
I filled her butt with hot sperm to the full and staying inside fell from above, tightly pressing my whole body to her wet, tender and tiny body.
Her lips were exactly at the level of my chest.
She gratefully kissed me and stroked my back and ass.
– Well, how? – asked Vick.
– Unusually.
But it’s nice, – smiled Ksenia, – I thought it would be more painful and worse.
But I have not fully tasted it.
“Well, I can help trying,” Vika answered enthusiastically and I reluctantly left Ksyusha’s sweet ass.
Vicki’s member was ready for battle and even oiled.
Smiling happily, she hung over her friend and easily entered her wet, weary little ring.

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The girls moaned sweetly, and I nestled in close proximity to watch the magnificent spectacle

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When Vika finished with Xenia, that ass was an unforgettable sight.
Wet, ruddy from several voiced slaps, which Vika slapped her friend with feeling.
Anus was maximally stretched.
Bright burgundy, wet, sticky from grease and sperm, which sluggish jolts poured on the bed.
Vika breathed loudly and often, with her mouth wide open and lying next to a contented girlfriend.
Ksenia did not rest long.
Naughty imps danced in her eyes.
Beautiful mouth languidly ajar.
She looked at me and my cock eagerly.
– It’s strange, but I want more.
“Who am I to refuse a lady, but are you sure?” For the first time, then? ”“ More than that, ”Ksenia threw, settling on my stomach.
She confidently put her hand behind her back and deftly grabbed a member with her hand.
Just sent it to her ass.
I almost did not feel resistance when I literally fell into a soft, moist inside.
The girl sat down at me, slightly rolling her eyes with pleasure and carefully listening to her feelings.
Elastic buttocks, pressed into my stomach.
I entered it all the way! – Oooh.
How cool is that! Ksenia fidgeted ass, trying to take a member even deeper.
“Yeah,” I agreed, and firmly squeezed my miniature buttocks of the anal nymphomaniac with my hands.
He felt with his fingers his cock and the tight little ring of the anus, tightly wrapped around him.
Gently stroked the tight ring, even pushed the finger between the penis and ass.
Xenia began podmavivat ass up and down the hard trunk of a member.
I firmly held her for polupopiya, as if nasazivaya on his stake.
The member moved lightly, gently and very sweetly.
– Vikulya, we miss you, – Xenia called languidly, looking back at her friend.
“That’s it,” the wife answered incredulously, approaching the girl from behind. Boys naked on webcam.

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