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Kohl offended looked at Larisa.
He did not want to drink an extra bottle of nasty boiled milk.
Drink up – the nurse ordered, thrusting the boy in the mouth of a baby bottle with the sucker.

The boy had no choice but to drink two bottles.
At least for now, the milk did not have a suspicious taste, as during an afternoon snack, when the nannies mixed in a diuretic.
Well done! – praised Kohl Larissa, when he finished his milk, – Now I will take off your bib.
After dinner, the children were again left to their own devices.
Kohl joined the group of boys who built a big city of cubes.
Feeling that he wanted more, Kolya wondered why he went to the toilet so often today.
However, the word “toilet” in the nursery group was inappropriate. Camsexvideo net.

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