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No one was supposed to suspect the existence of close relations between colleagues, except the friendly.
And several times a week, Zlata secretly came to his home to indulge in the most beautiful love in the silence of an empty apartment.
So much she gives.

And the taker.
Tired, she returned to a quiet big house, sometimes before a delayed husband, called on a disgruntled lover, exchanged a few phrases with him, mentioning about parents or fitness, from which she had come.
She dined with him and went to a boring married bed, where she occasionally carried out a no less tedious conjugal duty.
Turning away from falling asleep Leonid and pulling the blanket over himself, he was smiling and dreamed of tomorrow evening meeting with her lover.
– Oh well! Fitness or mom today? – mentally mimicking the daughter-in-law mistress, K.
carefully looked through the windshield of his SUV at its bright crossover.
Leaning back in his chair, he relaxedly watched her slim figure in a raincoat thrown over an expensive business suit. Hassle free cash flow investing david campbell.

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