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A woman must always be hungry, Sergey quipped.
– I don’t want to be hungry.
I want to have a family, children, Lera burst into tears.

-Better go wash and wash up.
You smell bad, he answered louder.
Lera dutifully got up and went to the bathroom.
Sergey followed her, having traced that she washed all his seed from the pubis, went back.
She stood for a long time under hot, then under cold water, remembering the words of her beloved granny: “This is not the person with whom you can share the marriage bed.”
Her patience burst.
She went to the bed, pulled off the blanket, and screamed that there was urine: “Get out! I went out and said! Roll into your stinking hostel, and fuck the local slut.”
Sergey did not expect such a turn.
For a while he was speechless.
He was quite happy with such a carefree life.
Apartment, warm hole at your side, delicious hot food.
Yes, Lera was good at cooking.
She got it from her grandmother.
Sergey again turned on his charm, his charm and ability to seduce a woman: “Forgive my love, you think it is easy for me to live a gigolo, in the apartment you rent, eat your bread, spend your money.”
Lera’s parents were considered well-to-do in the village, and although they took little part in raising their daughter, they did not spare the money for her, and her grandmother gave up her entire pension.

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“Suffer dear, mine are now engaged in the design of a crown apartment for us, and they have a difficult financial situation,” he said with pity.
In fact, Sergei spent all the money on a new victim.
Lera has once again forgiven her Lovelace.
But the ardor of him began to fade.
Oil poured into the fire one of her friends.
Galya called her when Sergey was not at home.
“Where are you?” Come again at the dormitory freshman

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courting, she asked.
– Not.
He went to the library to prepare for the credit, answered Lera.
– Yeah, fry potatoes there.
Hey Kartoshina, come out, Galya stirs.
– I saw him yesterday near the hostel, huddled with some youngster.
– It’s true? Lera asked – Truth is not true, what for you need this Fedirist, come and that’s it.
Natalia has a new guy, well, remember that evening.
– Yes, I remember everything perfectly, Lera interrupted her.
– Oleg seems.
– Yes, Oleg, answered Galya – Turned out to be a cool dude.
Has dispersed all that riffraff.
And now only Natalia’s children go to Natalia.
Normal guys are not twitching like those.
Marinka also tore off the bridegroom for herself, she continued, well, just a donut, and as she sings with a guitar, she would have eaten.
If not my Dimasik.
Well, what to say, come and see.
Bye Bye.
Lera sat alone for a long time.
All thoughts were creeping into my head.
Suddenly the doorbell rang, she started and went to open.
With a bunch of withering roses stood Sergei.
– Where have you been for so long? She asked.
– I stopped by for flowers, and before that in the library, he did not confidently answer.
– Yeah in the library.
Roasted potatoes? And how is this Kartoshina? Pussy of my son? Lera yelled.
Sergey realized that he was in trouble.
Began to make excuses.
– Yes, this is my cousin.
This year she entered our law school.
– Brother sister pressed to the cross, give a sister for the sake of Christ, she again tattered. Hollywood sex scenes online.

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