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I spent the night in their rented apartment.
Do you think that if Masha spends the night with three lonely hot men, will she give them away or will play impregnable girl? – I can hardly refuse.
– Here I am about the same.

And she left contraceptive pills in Karen’s apartment.
It is unlikely that traders from the market were especially driven by condoms, most likely, they filled it with sperm right up to the womb.
And the timing of her pregnancy is the same.
And when Karen found out about her delay, he immediately used the situation in his own interests.
And he was not going to marry her from the very beginning.
But take Masha to establish paternity, then all analyzes will show that Karen has nothing to do with it.
My head was porridge: – I still do not understand why all these difficulties Karen? Masha and so ran after him.
Why does he have this lie? Mikhalych sighed: – Well, first, as I said, in addition to attach it to yourself, then to use as an obedient “hole” – underlay the right people.
Secondly, I have suspicions that Karen himself “hooked” on Masha, wants her not to be a common slut, but his own (he is also a terrible proprietor, jealous besides).
And in the third.
You see, I have often shared my dream with him – to fuck a pregnant girl before giving birth: I tried many things in my life, but this was somehow deprived.
He seemed to feel sorry for his wife, besides her children are mine, so it’s not really up to erotic fantasies.
But so that someone else’s bitchy red-haired bitch to fuck and not think about anything – this was not. Hot nude live cam.

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