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At this time, Nadia sat in a half-arm to me on her knees with a glass, and the boss continued.
And yours is nothing! By the way, did I break your plans for the night? Well no.
She all the way said that she was tired and was going to sleep off.

Oh, Romych ?! And why did she then took off her panties? Or does she always go for a visit? When? These are all of us, muzhikik, – Sergey and Nadia, who supported him, laughed, – we are staring at other women, but we don’t notice our own! She when hands wash left – in shorts was.
Sorry, but I looked at her ass.
And she came back – there was nothing showing through the pants! Are you serious? And then! Nadia, in the meantime, pulled my rearing cock through my fly and began to cheat on it.
In response, I hugged her and pulled her elastic naked chest.
I see you have found a common language ?, – the chief smiled and continued the started topic, – So it means she had no plans for you.
Maybe someone else had plans? BUT? Count up, you are now caressing Nadia, and your wife is our Pasha-Lovelace? In turn! My will not give! Pashke? He even gave mine! Yah? And you talk so calmly about it? Yes, I’m glad! But now no remorse torment me! I’m not against.
Just not to go hand.
Does he go here too? Is he? No, really! He, like everyone, considers Nadia a lesbian.
He is already missing, do not be afraid for him.
I once thought, – the girl gave a voice, – he out of 32 women in our work slept with 25! Wow! And who are these 7? I and Raisa Semyonovna, our little Lena, the farm manager (but she is 50), and for some reason, the analytics department ignores its attention.

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There, out of 4, he only pleased Sveta.
Hero, damn it! And how did you find out interesting? And once he asked me to bring his documents home from his desk.
But I’m a curious girl.
She found a cherished dad there.
He has pictures of all the employees there.
And on 25 pieces, segments are drawn with markers.
And on the reverse side of the explanation of the type “July 25.
After corporate party.
Or “October 15th.
Dinner at the restaurant.
In all holes.
+1 “and so on.
Who is this so versatile? Zhanna from accounting.
Gubashenkaya? I believe.
And what is written on your photo? Crossed out
Like Raisa Semenovna.
And Lenusi? Clean for now.
It can be seen, the hands have not reached.
You watch your hands! Nagy, stop him! Show my deputy your famous circular massage! The girl immediately dropped to my legs and took my dick in her mouth.
She began to suck him and at the same time move her mouth around her head.
With her hand she tugged at my testicles.
A wave of such unbridled pleasure swept over me, that I felt that I was about to end.
Suddenly the girl broke away.
Roman Gennadievich, you are now finished: your testicles are trembling.
Where do you like: on the face or in your mouth? Nowhere! – answered the boss cheerfully, – let him rest.
This is hard to get used to.
Take care of me for now.
Today I will limit the blowjob.
Nadia moved to Sergei, helped him take off his pants and took possession of his member.
He blissfully closed his eyes, but continued to speak.
See what Pasha we have? So do not be surprised if he is now your beautiful.
I watched Nadia doing a blowjob to the chief, while he thought about his wife, about her panties and about Pasha.
Suddenly, I realized that I was calm about my wife’s possible betrayal! Moreover, it even excited me even more! So much so that I realized: if I do not immediately insert my dick anywhere, then my eggs just explode! I jumped up and frantically got rid of the

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