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Finishing me water she made me lick pussy.
I was already completely calm and I wanted to kiss more everywhere.
Coming out of the bathroom, she told me that now every time after school I would come to her house to do what happened with the soma, and sometimes she would pick me up for the night and I would learn a lot.

She began to wear panties and saw me watching her.
Well, go work the language.
I lay down on the floor, she opened her mouth to the room with her face putting her sweet pussy on my tongue.
The juices flowed into my mouth and it was very joyful to suck everything out from under my favorite aunt, and she, moaning with excitement, sometimes thrust her finger into her pussy letting me lick it.
Martha went to the door and called out to Basil.
He appeared immediately, and stretched out on the front “at attention” in front of the officer.
“Call Frau Ulrich, and bring the next one for punishment,” she ordered.
Vasily immediately went to execute the order.
Despite the lameness, he did everything very quickly.
An elderly nurse appeared in the doorway and looked at Martha in silence.
– How is Lobanova there – Martha asked firmly – can she further interrogate her? “No, no, Frau Lieutenant,” answered Ulrich, only tomorrow, but in full! – Well, bring this – she pointed a finger at the girls on her knees – throw something over, and you can continue to work on this communist – the officer finished the evil and went to the table.
She pulled on her long kid gloves and took a whip in her hands.
I started walking in the basement, stroking the instrument with my gloved hand.

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At this time, Vasily and Alexey brought a girl into the room.
She was thin and tall.
Her hair was long, braided in a thick braid, to the waist.
The girls stood in the middle of the room, and closely followed what was happening.
Martha walked over to the girl and, raising her chin, looked into her eyes.
Then she turned to the girls and asked.
– Well, what are we going to do with this beauty? – she turned to Marina and Lena.
Girls silently looked at Martha, fearing to do something wrong.
– I ask you – a German woman snapped and, going up to the girls, whipped both of them on her back with a whip.
The girls shrieked and pattered, interrupting each other, started talking.
-Test not much, it will no longer or as you see fit, flop it or on the heels.
– Marina mumbled.
– Probably you need to flog her and.
and – said Lena.
-So what!!?? – Martha snapped again, looking at Lena – what? I’m asking you? “I don’t know Frau Marta,” said Lena through tears.
At this time, Frau Ulrich came in with two prisoner, striped gowns and two pairs of cork slates.
She stopped at the door and looked at the officer.
Martha nodded her head.
Ulrich lifted the girls from her

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knees and handed them robes.
Then she collected their clothes and retired to her.
Martha went to the table, picked up the paper lying there, and began to read.
-Well, well, well.
– She said, looking at the given girl – you poured the officer soup, pig! – I accidentally stumbled, I did not want to.
– justified girl.
– Lieutenant, by your grace, is being treated for a burn, bitch is curved.
Yes, the soup was not very hot.
– began to cry arrested.
Martha abruptly approached her and slapped her sonorous slap.
The girl pulled back and covered her face with her hands.
-On her shop !!! – screamed Martha.
Alexey and Vasily picked up the girl and were already almost laid when the officer stopped them with a gesture.
They froze, holding the crying girl, with their arms turned back.
-No, hang it from the ceiling, by the legs.
– she commanded.
Alexey began to wield with a rope, and Vasily continued to hold a screaming and fighting victim.
“Listen, Alevtina, you are in vain so upset, you still can not avoid punishment, so take it calmly,” Martha said.
But Alevtina continued to shout and resist. Real sex hbo full episodes free online.

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