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Fallen between the horses gangster still managed to get a relatively whole.
Without thinking twice, he drew his sword and moved it against the prince.
At first, Richie was taken aback, but fencing trainings were not in vain: he beat off the opponent’s not very successful side strike and made a direct attack with a practiced movement.

This time, on the advice of Sylvia, he took a long light sword.
Leather armor could not stop the sharp tip.
The blow fell exactly in the heart: blood rushed through the wound that had opened, the mercenary dropped his sword and slowly sank to the ground.
For a few seconds, Richie fell into a stupor, and only Sylvia’s loud cry made him wake up.
The squad commander turned out to be an experienced fighter: at first he resisted well, but Sylvia used her strike with a force wave, which she usually accompanied with a loud cry.

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Varkos did not expect such a reception at all: from a powerful impulse he stumbled and lost concentration.
Sylvia conducted a series of powerful rough blows, which finally broke the defense of the enemy and decided the outcome of the fight.
Flora was not embarrassed at all when she missed a crossbow at the beginning of the fight.
She immediately jumped back and released a translucent white cloud in front of her, which instantly enveloped the enemy.
He tried to get rid of the misfortune a couple of sharp strokes, but a strange substance suddenly turned out to be dense, like water.
She stuck to the body and hung in her arms, seriously hampering movement.
Choosing the right moment, Flora darted forward with inhuman speed.
Once behind the enemy, she thrust a long dagger between his ribs.

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Flora, without further ado, took up her wounded girlfriend, casting healing spells.
“Richie, search them for the time being,” said Sylvia, while she herself went to pull the corpse out of the wagon.
The prince looked with horror at the body of the Validian commander: the body was streaked with terrible wounds from which blood was still oozing.
He sank to his knees, feeling how nauseous he was.
It was somehow easier with the revived dead: at least they were already dead, and they did not bleed.
One of the bags showed a rolled up sheet of paper.
When the prince unfolded it, he discovered his own portrait.
Sex and the city season 3 episode 4 watch online.

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