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You can not without her, and she without you! – added the old woman

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– All changes will be suitable only for you two !!! This made a big impression.
And what the hell, not kidding! – I thought.

– Maybe life really will improve with Marinka! I thanked her again and went out, grabbing the bottle.
I don’t remember how long I wandered before I got on the road.
Catching a taxi, drove home.
When I arrived home, Marina was already lying in bed, getting ready for bed.
Sasha, where have you been? She asked.
Yes, so a little walk! – I replied.
– Listen Marin! Let’s make it up, and tomorrow I invite you to walk! Especially Sunday! Let’s start all over again.
Come on! – She agreed.
– Just bring me a drink.
Good! I went to the kitchen.
Pouring water into a glass, I remembered the bottle with the elixir.
He pulled it out and poured about a third into a glass.
Elixir instantly dissolved.
Well, take the medicine! Was, was not! – in one gulp I poured the rest of the elixir into my throat.
Surprisingly well, the taste was pleasant.
He brought Marinke a glass and carefully followed her drank.
Then they kissed lightly and fell asleep.
woke up from some light feeling of cheerfulness and cheerfulness.
I usually get up hard and dreary.
And then this attitude, a member in the morning was a stake.
The usual thing.
I went to the toilet, ottyanuv gum pants, I was stunned.
Where I, as always, saw my modest 14-centimeter boyfriend, now had a huge cock.

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Huyase! Fuck up In fucking! What is this? – I was shocked.
Quickly pulled panties, in the frame of hair stuck out a member.
Approximately 25 centimeter thick elda, bulging veins, and was decorated with a huge, like a mushroom cap, head.
And huge heavy eggs.
Such units I have seen only in blacks in porn movies.
I went to the bathroom and saw my body there.
Beer belly and layers of fat disappeared.
A medium-sized young man looked at me from a mirror, his whole body bulging with muscles, like that of an athlete.
Elixir! Grandma! Life will change! Body! – thoughts were spinning in my head.
– Two thirds myself! Third wife! Fuck Marinka! What about her? – I rushed into the bedroom.
Bursting I tore off the blanket.
I was shocked.
Marina lay completely naked and caressed herself.
Never before did she caress herself, well, anyway, I did not see.
And we have been married for 8 years.
And she never went to bed naked, after sex she always put her nightgown on again.
I have a shy man! To be honest, Marina is not my first beauty, of medium height, the figure is rather weak, there is almost no chest, butt is flat, and with a waist of complexity.
The most important advantage of her beautiful black and long hair, with blue eyes.
The girl who lay in front of me was beautiful! The chest was of the third size, with large nipples, a thin waist, a flat stomach and rounded thighs, between which was a thick triangle of hair.
She shamelessly spread her legs and delightedly caressed herself.
From her body, from her shamelessness came animal magnetism, it seemed to me that all her matte skin was glowing.
Fuck yours! – I continued okhuevat.
With one hand she rubbed between her legs, and with the other she crushed her chest.
In this quiet moaning.
I saw how her pussy was wetted, fingers clinging to the clitoris were all in juice.
Her nipples boldly sticking up.
From such a picture a member stiffened.
I felt a lust covering me.
After all, this is my wife! And that means fucking her, I can! – with this thought I pounced on her.
Sasha! What.
– she woke up as soon as I took her hands, but I did not give her a finish and dug a kiss at her. Sex drive watch online in english.

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