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I was preparing my son for precisely this, and not

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for wandering in the mountains.
– And added.

Sorry, if stretched or boring, all events are real and happened to me quite recently, when I write – I worry again, from here and so many small details, do not judge strictly.
All the next day I went in a trance from what happened.
I never cheated on my husband, the maximum that I allowed myself was to play around with my best friend, and then secretly from a spouse.
After taking him to work, I immediately rushed to call Verka to talk about last night with you in colors and to ask her opinion.
Verka was stunned, said she did not expect this from me, and she didn’t really like you, to be honest.
And the only thing I heard from her is “Enjoy, until you are asleep.”
I was very uncomfortable – on the one hand, I was eager for repetition, on the other – I was afraid that Igorek would find out about treason; I decided to stay away from you as much as possible.
I wrote you a lengthy speech on the social network that we’d better not be alone anymore, that that (I admit, awesome) night was a mistake, a drunken, stupid trick and we should forget about it while you can still stop.
But she couldn’t forget herself, the memories agitated me, your taste remained on my lips, on my hips I still felt your hands.
For the day I changed the panties 3 times exactly, flowed non-stop, watched porn for half a day, masturbating, in short, by evening I was on board.
She barely waited for her husband from work, pounced on him almost on the threshold, and he, saying that he was very tired, immediately went to bed.

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Chic evening.
Four days passed, that night in my memory dimmed a bit, I did not wait for a reply message from you and decided that you followed my request.
That day I was sitting in the office, there was no work and I was hanging out on the social network, playing all sorts of nonsense, there were no customers, only voices were heard from neighboring offices.
And then you entered.
To say that I was surprised – to say nothing, I was just numb.
– Hello! – you said, as if nothing had happened – Hi.
What are you doing here? – Passed by, went to say hello, are you against? – Yes, against, I already wrote everything to you, you read, I hope? – I read it and I did not like it very much.
– What exactly? I do not want to jeopardize either my own or your family.
– And no one threatens anyone.
You were fine, me too, what problems? I got up from the table without answering, walked to the door, opened it with the words: “Go away and there will be no problems.”
You slowly walked up to me, closed the door, took my neck and began to kiss, all my determination disappeared somewhere, I began to melt under your lips, but having overcome myself, put my palms on your chest, pushed you away and, nervously breathing, said, that if you don’t leave now, I’ll scream.
“You will shout, my dear, you will surely shout, but not in the way you think,” you answered, cut off my hands, and held me close.
With my hip, I felt how you were excited, it became even harder for me to breathe, we were standing on the threshold, I turned away from you, afraid to look at your face, and you grabbed my hair and pulled back, so that I threw back my head.
I saw that your eyes darkened, and your lips dried out from frequent breathing, and involuntarily licked my own.
You apparently took it as a signal to action and just pounced on me, squeezing in your arms, kissing your lips, neck, collarbone; you never let go of my hair, holding it tightly so that I would not break loose, with your second hand you climbed under my skirt and began to stroke the lips over the panties that were already wet. Sex webcam only.

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