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Hot streams poured somewhere inside the body of Alina and immediately enveloped the penis again.
When the orgasm retreated, Alina slowly withdrew from Denis’s member, smiling slyly, kissed the devastated guy, and wandered, staggering toward the bathroom, holding the battered dress with her hand.
On the inner sides of her thighs, sticky trickles flowed down.

There was water in the bathroom, and Denis, recovering himself, looked at his dick.
He was covered with sperm, sometimes with brownish marks.
So what to do? Pop – eat pop.
From this you can not get anywhere.
“We still need to use a condom,” he thought once again.
Wiping a member with a napkin, he also joined his beloved in the shower.
Continuation is planned.
Her name was Diana.
I did not have my own name then.
I just was not born.
Everything will be done tonight.
My teacher and mentor.
My first girlfriend.
The end of the working day.
Having left through the street, I first lit a cigarette.
He looked at the sky.
Black, covered with clouds.
Snow is coming soon.
It’s time, the middle of January on the calendar.
I look up and collect my thoughts.
I’m scared.
I stand, not moving, rooted to the spot.
But you have to go.
Even need to hurry.
Time is inexorably approaching.
The long-awaited meeting is scheduled.
Meeting place negotiated.

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She is waiting for me.
I drop a bull for asphalt.
Trampled toe boot.
And go.
A cold wind hits in the face.
Trying to brazenly sneak over the collar of a winter jacket.
Underfoot treacherous ice.
Do not slip, go straight, forward.
Step out the door to the warm subway building.
Be able to push through the crowds of passengers.
Down the run on the escalator.
I’m on the platform.
Waiting for the train.
Several stations in a straight line.
The transition to the ring line.
Back in the stuffy, stuffed wagon.
Rush hour.
After some time, another transplant.
Fifteen minutes and I arrived.
Slow climb up.
On the street again the wind, but quieter, which pleases.
I dialed her number on the cell.
– Hello.
– Hello.
– I hear in response.
– Remind the apartment number.
– Forty four.
There is an intercom.
I’ll open.
– She answers.
– I will be soon.
– I’m waiting.
– Hangs up.
All the way flies in one moment.
Work, subway, dark courtyards, lights, cars, people’s faces, advertising signs.
Like in fog.
Do not remember the details.
Once and I have already before entering the entrance of an unfamiliar house to me.
On the door scoreboard with buttons.
Two easy pressing.
Forty four.
A second of silence.
The sound of a call to the apartment.
A few seconds of waiting.
Distorted speaker speaker says – “Open.”
Her voice.
Long squeak.
I pull the door on myself.
I apply strength, metal, heavy.
I’m inside.
Noise behind the back.
Magnet worked.
The door slammed shut.
The wind is gone.
Only the sounds of steps on the stairs.
I climb on foot.
Third floor.
Iron rectangle with the treasured number of numbers.
I notice the bell button.
There is no going back.
I don’t want to.
I walked a long time to tonight.
Morally prepared.
Dreamed, fantasized.
I am nervously excited that I physically cannot stop my hand.
A pleasant

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melody resounds.
After a while, approaching steps are heard. Spy cam toilet sex.

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