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she kayfonula.
I was not taken aback, I helped my fingers in her sputum and smeared her anus.
Putting the head to the pinching hole of her ass, I began to push inward.

Mariska did not resist, and even vice versa.
In the end, I pressed my dick half into her, she moaned and passionately said “Daaaaaaa”, driving me even more.
Then the cabinet door opened, and Volodya, our supply manager, crawled through the luminous opening.
Volodya looked, saw, turned red and his head disappeared.
I developed a little Marishkina ass cautious movements and began to increase the pace.
She moaned, said that she hurt, but she wants more.
Masochist, however.
And I began to dig a little deeper.
Then the door opened again, I stopped and turned my head.
Our designer Igor, a guy in leather pants, with a beard and long hair, came in.

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Marishka calmed down, Igor stood, but did not leave.
I began to move slowly, Igor exclaimed something, stood and left.
Mariska fought in ecstasy and I decided it was time to stop.
He pulled out his horseradish, put Marishka on his knees and let it fall into her mouth.
She swallowed everything, got up and began to gather.
I caught my breath.
Marishka came out barefoot, licking her lips and swallowing the remnants of sperm.
She had shoes in her hands.
Under the hoot of drunken guests, she went downstairs.
This story is a continuation of the story about the mystery that arose behind the service door.
What is waiting for the heroes after their first night? We have yet to learn this, and they too.
But let’s do everything in order and without describing how this couple woke up, mentions about their embarrassment, awkwardness of movements and phrases, burning cheeks and about the realization that something indescribably beautiful and at the same time unbearably awful happened between them at night. .

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Yes, it was a delight mixed with fear, but who among them was afraid and why? Pavel – a victim or a bastard, or rather, an egoist? A few days passed, and not a word from him, even half a word.
And now what? I have to go to work tomorrow.
Maybe immediately start packing and write a letter of withdrawal? If Andrei wanted something, he would certainly have let me know about it or offered to meet, and so I only have thoughts about how he used me.
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