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She greedily caresses his penis, reckoning that now he will sneak under her sweater with her hand and crush her breasts, pinch her nipples, then sneak under her skirt and with her unfamiliar fingers for her will burst into her sweet pussy, which has long been moistened from such thoughts and waited not only for her fingers, but for this new acquaintance who was now in her mouth.
She floated with pleasure, she wanted someone to open the door on her side, pulled her skirt up and began to fuck her, she did not have time for her thoughts.
As soon as she felt his hand on her thighs, she immediately spread her legs wider and lifted her skirt with her hand in front, so that there was no doubt what she wanted.

She wanted to be passionately fucked by a stranger.
She raised herself up, whispered in his ear that in the backseat it would probably be more convenient, as in oblivion she jumped over there, he was already near.
From this transition in her head remained only the sounds of slamming doors.
She really was in a state of extreme excitement that was unfamiliar to her.
Sitting on his face to him, stretching his legs at the knees, she hand sent his penis into himself, sank and pressed as much as possible to fill herself to the maximum.
A blouse with a bra was tied above the breast and her nipples were constantly experiencing his gentle nibbles.
She held her hands back and forth over the upholstery of the roof and galloped furiously, feeling the tides of pleasure flowing in waves.
She practically had to lay her head on his shoulder all the time, what was happening around her she did not notice, she was all given up to her lust.
At that moment, when the wave of orgasm came very close, she clutched her teeth in his neck and screamed with a long moan.
Then she slid off him, clutched at his penis, and almost leaning against her ass with glass in the door, eagerly began to lick the head, continually pushing her mouth on it.

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From such an appeal, the chef stopped and spewed a good-quality portion of sperm into the hot mouth of his passenger, which she completely swallowed with a certain amount of interest, first smelling it in her mouth.
She agreed about this with herself even in advance, thinking that if she even had to give a blowjob to a stranger, then surely she should like a real fucking to relish his sperm.
So it happened.
And, according to her, it gave her a peculiar pleasure.
I read all this in her responses to my requests to tell everything in great detail.
She wrote with pleasure and admitted that she was pleased to remember every second and it excited her again.
And I already thought about the next adventure in my head.
I was damn interested how far she could go.
How pleasant sensations can seize her and overcome modesty.
She is waiting for my assignments, and I will be happy to write somehow what came of it.
I did not expect such a turn.
Maybe here? I’m waiting for you at school.
I’m married.
I have to be home on time, I said hopefully.
You have time if you do not bicker.
In a couple of hours you’ll be free.
I’m waiting at the school.
Someone will see, then the conversations begin.
Go to the store, I’ll come to you myself.
And he left.
I didn’t know what to do.
I wanted to go unnoticed through the schoolyard, but if he really will distribute photos to the school? Near the store, he took my arm and led

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He did not have to go far, he lived nearby.
He was waiting for me another humiliation.
Two of my students came to him! Hello, Oksana Petrovna, – said one of them.
You still call her by name and patronymic, when in the ass e.
you will be.
And you said you would not come.
Even as she came.
Not at all.
Come undress you have little time.
This has already been addressed to me.
I began to undress meekly.
Stockings just leave.
I undressed and started.
I came home later than usual.
Long roared in the bathroom, but what to do, I did not know.
My husband decided not to speak yet.
There must be some way out! The next day I decided to quit.
I did not see any other way out.
Maybe they will leave me alone.
In the morning I went to the district and wrote a statement on my own.
They didn’t want to let me go right away – the end of the year.
I did not want to say the reason for the dismissal.
I had to go to school.
When I taught lessons, I only thought whether they would come today or not.
I decided to leave early, right after the last lesson.
When I began to lock the office, I heard: Oksana Petrovna, we don’t understand one topic.
Tomorrow, guys, I’ll tell you.
I have no time today.
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