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We sit in a restaurant.
This bitch put a leg on a leg and looks at my helplessness with cunning eyes, then cuts off a piece of duck and says.
“What do I think? For starters, I want ten pieces, of course, bucks,” she says, chewing and drinking Chateau, then chewing a little, continues, “Next.

you will do whatever I say.
if not, become a cockerel! Can you tell me what they are doing in the zone? “” Don’t! “” Great.
if I tell you to suck a dick, you suck, “she said, eating another slice of duck and taking another sip of wine,” otherwise you understand how it all can end for you.
“Yes, I understand.” “It’s good that we understand each other!”, She said with a particularly impudent bitchy little voice.
– Absolutely lost shame! – Interview in broad daylight! – slut young! All these shouts of the approached women and men threw me and Roman from the bench and we ran to the car standing nearby.
I, as I was, naked, Roman, pulling on my pants and naked to the waist.
Sitting in the nine and slamming the door, we stopped hearing the indignant cries of “walrus”.
Roman, with a slip, taxied from the shore of the lake.
My heart was pounding like mad.
Going up the steep bank and hiding from the sight of winter bathers, we stopped.
I looked at Roma – he was sitting with his pants half down, his member was already slightly limp, and a towel was sticking out from under his pants, which he accidentally picked up from the bench, in a hurry pulling on his pants.

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looked so comical that I could not resist, laughed loudly.
“Fuck,” he mumbled, pulling a towel out of the bod itself.
It amused me even more.
Soon we were laughing together, remembering our recent sex and the faces of those who saw us.
– Oh, and I have all the rest of the clothes left on the bench, – remembered Roma.

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“Then you will go,” I said, through laughter.
“Oh, and me too,” I lied, after a moment, as if remembering that.
In fact, except for a fur coat with boots, which I, undressed, threw in the back seat, I was nothing more of the clothes and was not.
“You will go this way,” Romik sneered.
“It will be useful,” he added, holding out a towel to me.
“Come on,” I slipped off the seat, dangling my bottom, and spreading my legs, put a towel to my pussy.
The towel was wet and cold from the cold, and for my hot pussy it was now just what we needed.
I, absolutely not ashamed of Roma, carefully wiped their pussy from sperm.
Roma looked at me admiringly, and I liked to feel his gaze on myself.
We sat in the car, it was hot from the working stove, and around us was a winter, snow-covered forest.
It was very unusual to feel naked surrounded by snow drifts and at the same time do not feel the cold at all.
“You’re so beautiful,” he said, staring at me.
– Thank you: – Oh! Can I take a picture of you? – asked Roma, – in my bag fotik lying around.
“Come on,” I agreed.
At that moment I was ready for anything, I wanted to prolong the feeling of admiration for me.
It excited me and flattered my vanity.
Roma got out of the car, opened the door, and I was doused with a wave of cool air.
He put on his jacket and began to rummage through his bag in search of a camera.
“Get behind the wheel,” Roma ordered, setting up a digital soap box.
I moved to the driver’s seat — my naked body felt contrasting air currents — hot air was blowing out of the baffles at me, and from the open door of the door my body was chilled by a frosty breeze.
The sensations were very unusual.
Roma walked away from the road to capture the car in the frame.
I loosened my hair and sat, turning to the camera, holding the wheel with my right hand – I felt like a dashing and reckless beauty.
Roma froze, admiring me.
I imagined how I looked from the side: a slim, swarthy blonde with flowing hair – and dragged from it.
Roma recovered and began to shoot.
Changing poses, sitting behind the wheel, and smiling coquettishly into the camera, I felt like a fashion model.
I felt a growing excitement in me.
Leaving my right leg in the cabin, I left my left leg wide out, putting it on a rolled snowy road.
The novel looked at my bare foot in admiration, at my pussy that opened up: After a moment of confusion, he again fell to the cameras.
He shot, shot, shot: And I was “borne”: I put my second leg out, put my finger in me, spread my lips. Web chat sex online.

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