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But he was dirty and I dodged my head.
Then he completely rasviripel, got dressed, took out a collar from the closet with a leash from my former dog and pulled me into the street.
I got to my feet and started to take it off, since it was already overkill.

But he took my hair and pulled me out into the street.
The weather was spring, but cold, the night is very dark, and no one is to the people.
I crawled into the elevator on all fours and when I wanted to get up, he pressed me to the ground.
I said that I was his dog and should fulfill all the commands.
We went for a walk to the stadium.
It was awfully awkward to go on all fours.
We approached our car and he ordered me to lie in the back seat with my legs on the front armrest – I listened.
We drove in an incomprehensible way, then stopped, he called and told someone to go down.
We stopped in the courtyard, it was a familiar place but I could not understand where we are! suddenly the door opened and Max got into our car.
I immediately removed my legs, but I realized that I was still naked with a collar around my neck.
My lover said that I did not listen to him at all and that he gave me up for Max.
I tried to argue, but Max slapped me in the face.
He got out of the car and pulled me by the collar through the back door.
I stood on all fours, Max took off his pants, raised his dick to my mouth and ordered me to suck.
I turned away, and then he pulled me to the nearest urn, took out the first available beer bottle and put it in my pussy.
He pulled out the second one and started stuffing it in my ass.
I begged him to stop, and started nonstop caressing and licking his dick.
He just smiled and said that he would quickly make a fuck out of me.

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Less than five minutes, when I felt a sharp pain.
My lover decided to fuck me one more time and put his cock in my ass.
He finished quickly.
I licked his dick from his discharge and he last pulled me on the chest with all the force that I fell on the grass.
He got into the car and drove away.
And that was just the beginning.
Upon arrival in St. Petersburg from Helsinki, the couple did not hurry with the departure.
With a check of ten thousand Euros, they decided to redeem him at the nearest bank, and went shopping.
Changing their wardrobe, and typing gifts for friends and relatives, Lera and Roman did not return by plane, having decided to extend the pleasure on the train.
But this time the coupe was quadruple, and they did not have the opportunity to be alone.
Of course, it didn’t touch them, tired after the orgies in the sauna, and walks in the northern capital, they dreamed of returning home as soon as possible.
But nostalgia for its nest, and especially for children, drove this dream twice as fast.
Their fast train, trudged along, it seemed like the slowest train, stopping at each post.
And of course, that the spouses did not change their minds, lying on their shelves.
But they never once remembered how they had scolded themselves on this trip, trying to forget everything as an unpleasant dream.
Fearing to sleep through his station, Roman was unable to close his eyes all night.
And when the first signs of dawn looked out the window of their compartment, he climbed down from the top shelf and noticed that his half slept sweetly.
Having worn out overnight in a hot car, she turned over several times and her robe wrapped around her belt, exposing her beautiful ass dressed in blue high panties.
Lying facing the wall, her legs were slightly tucked at the knees, while her back bulged a bit beyond the bounds of the shelf.
Faced with a spouse, she simply beckoned to herself with all her erotic look.
One buttock was completely dressed in thin nylon, and the edge of the panty edging was a couple

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of centimeters from the fold, where the round bun went into the thigh.
The second buttock was completely open, swallowing the delicate tissue between the next girlfriend.
Roman looked at the age neighbors sleeping at the bottom, and, unable to restrain himself, moved the fabric from the second buttock into a deep hollow.
Lera turned out to be in a thong.
He successively kissed the delicious buns, and not feeling the awakening of his beloved, hid her ass under the elastic fabric, straightening his panties. Free online sex chat no registration.

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