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All night I did not sleep, I was tormented by the thought that tomorrow would be.
Who knows? Perhaps I will “dry crackers with the guys in the local prison.”
To be continued (why we were called spiders and what changed in our life after this night):

Part one.
At a party.
I always hated them.
Shaking, dubious cleanliness of bed linen, no less dubious fellow travelers.
When the train finally stopped at the station I needed, I felt in the seventh heaven.
My trip to visit my uncles and aunts passed from the part of the trip itself to the part of the stay, which could not but rejoice.
I got out of the train, looking around anxiously.
And suddenly forgot about me? But no, soon a smiling uncle’s face appeared next to her.
Hi, Valerik! How is the road? Hi, Uncle Vanya! – How much have I not seen him? Five years? Ten? He has visibly aged and recovered, and has also begun to go bald.
But the eyes were the same.
Clean, like a child, good blue eyes.
And a kind, open smile.
They took a weighty bag from me and listened stoically to the car itself all my nagging about trains and neighbors in the compartment.
I was silent only when Uncle Vanya began taxiing from the parking lot to the road.

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Well, I got – and fine.
By the way, if you don’t mind, we’ll not go to my aunt’s house, but to Alina’s dacha.
The whole family is going there.
Even Vovka decided to come, as he learned that you would.
But he, after all, we now have become such a gulena – you cannot entrap home with a roll.
When this name sounded, my heart even jumped.
Little Johnny.
My little, completely worried nephew.
Ironically, he was only four years younger than me.
Somehow I completely forgot about it.
The history of the inconvenience associated with Vovka, rooted deep in childhood.
I was then about eleven, I guess.
Vovka and I rummaged around in magazines and accidentally found Uncle Porn.
“Oh, fuck!” – I squeaked.
On your head.
He immediately bombarded me with questions about the meaning of the word and what was there and how.
And then with a heavy movement (obviously peeped from some

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kind of eroticism already by his father and my cousin), he unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, eating me with a greasy look, and said: “Fuck!” My fright at that moment was beyond words.
The last thing I wanted was for me to be punished for the corruption of my nephew and considered “such a girl”.
I rushed from him all over the house, begging me to stop this and forget the ill-fated word, but he purposely continued to chase me.
Then it was probably just a game.
We were called to have dinner and everything was forgotten.
For me.
And he, as it turned out later, had not forgotten anything.
And even continued to be enlightened on the topic by communicating with peers. Indonesia live cam sex.

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