Sex online comics.

Sex online comics.
The girl shrank into the seat next to her.
Clicking on the gas, I slowly began to taxi from the parking lot.
– Where are you taking me? she asked, frightened.

Her voice was clear and sonorous, and fear was clearly felt in it.
– To the police, and where else! – I replied, picking up speed.

Honestly, the answer was born in my head completely spontaneously, because I absolutely did not know what to do with it further.
The girl scared my answer.
She spun uneasily in her place, and then clutched my hand.
– Do not do it, Please! They’ll put me in jail! I threw off her hand and managed to level the car.
– And how old are you? – I asked.
“Almost seventeen,” she answered.
Wow! And it looks older.
Or lying? “Then not to prison, but only to the colony,” I answered, deciding to scare her.
The cunning plan gradually began to ripen in my head.
– Please do not! – prayed the girl.
– Do you want me to do a blowjob? Just do not need the police! She said so easily about the blowjob, as if she offered to go for a cigarette.

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I did not hesitate no more minutes.
“We’ll talk about this in my house,” I replied, in anticipation of an adventure that had unexpectedly fallen on my head.
The girl was silent, but in her situation it was pointless to bargain.
Besides, I remembered that thanks to the snowfall, the number of my car was completely indistinguishable, and even these youngsters would hardly have bothered to remember it.
There was a quarter to my house when I belatedly realized that I shouldn’t show her where I live.
Not slowing down, I drove past and, circling the streets a bit, stopped in a dark alley.
The girl took this as a signal and leaned toward my fly, but I pushed her away.
Rummaging around in the glove compartment and in the backseat, I found a piece of thick black matter.
Sex online comics.

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