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I missed the moment when he rushed forward.
She came to herself already lying on the bed, pinned down by his weight, feeling the hot breath on her neck.
This is another – He whispered covering my skin with kisses.

– They are another.
I want you.
And he pressed his hips hard against me, letting me feel in all my glory how much he wants me.
So much so that I even lost my breath.
However, my head brightened, and I started to break out again, trying to slip out from under it.
Go, go, go! – I whispered while he tried to catch my lips with his own.
Finally, I managed.
I got out from under him and bounced off to the desk, clasping myself.
My nipples under my shirt tightened, but I didn’t want him to see what effect his kisses had on me.
He sat on my bed.
I think I pissed him off.
And I was scared again.
Go away.
– I repeated, as instituted.
– Or I’ll scream.
– His lips touched a cruel grin.
– So, what is next? What’s next.
Nothing further.
I will not tell anyone that he pestered me.
He will lie about something “just wanted to scare.”
Today I will be saved.
And tomorrow he will come again.

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Only if.
Tomorrow I’ll buy a ticket and go back to Moscow.
He got up on the bed, intending to approach me again, I inhaled more air to scream.
But she was late.
He darted to me too quickly and covered his mouth with his hand.
Instead of a cry, only a choked croak came out.
They threw me back onto the bed and crushed me again, but this was all for now.
Why are you kicking? – He asked.
– You want it too.
No I do not want to.
And if I was not your nephew? Not.
Answer please.
And I will let you go.
I looked at him in pain.
What “yes? Yes, if you weren’t my nephew, I would.
But you are a nephew.
Now go away.
He opened his hands, rose, but did not hurry to leave.
And for me it does not mean so much.
– he said quietly.
Go away, Vladimir.
You promised.
Mischievous, boyish.
I promised to let go.
And let go.
I was not going to leave.
And you are a child.
And cruel and selfish.
Do you like doing others badly? What a bird! He rushed to me again.
Again demonstrated his magnificent kiss.
This is not nonsense.
Nobody kissed you like that yet.
Admit it.
Not! Another kiss.
I was already shaking like a fever.
Even if I manage to drive him out, I won’t sleep for the rest of the night.
I will masturbate like a fifth-grader to his bright image.
But it’s better than that.
So safer.
Another kiss, and the hand covers the chest, playing with a hardened nipple.
Still found.
Admit it! Not! The second hand grabs my hair and draws my head back, putting my neck to kissing.
I no longer have the strength to escape, and I resort to the most dishonest of all female receptions.
I’m starting to cry.
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