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The doll has relaxed.
At this point, I pulled her close to me and put a member to the hole.
Hugging her waist, slowly began to enter.

Sonya watched as a member penetrates her.
Her lips were dry and she was breathing heavily.
The head of the penis rested on the thin flesh.
I looked up, brazenly looked at my doll, and abruptly leaned forward.
“Yes!” – everything flashed inside.
Sonia screamed.
I froze.
I kissed the minute and licked her neck while the girl got used to the sensation.
Then I began to move slowly.
In the sleepy hole was cramped

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, which was especially cool.
I began to accelerate, and as the movement accelerated, they became harder and sharper.
Sonya leaned back on the glass, and I lifted her legs, bent at the knees, higher and spread them a little wider.
My little doll moaned softly.
Soon she raised herself, put her hands on the window sill, threw her head back, and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock tightly.
Sonechka is almost finished.
I stiffened, increased the tempo, and I myself felt that a pleasant wave rolled up to the groin area.
Several strong shocks and we finished at the same time.
Sonya screamed, throwing her head back and raising her ass.
I, breathing heavily, lowered my head on her shoulder.
Half a minute we could not catch my breath.
When I calmed down, I looked up and gratefully kissed her on the lips, which were cold.
Only after that I pulled out a member and looked at Sonya’s pussy.
To the ass with a red sponge flowed a thin stream of sperm.
I ran a finger down the stream from the ass up and put a finger in the pussy.

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It was very hot there.
Sonya bit her lower sponge.
I pulled out a finger and ran them over Sonya’s lips.
She licked it gently.
Time has been a lot.
The pair is almost over.
We found a toilet in the corridor, where with a handkerchief and cold water we wiped the member and sleepy pussy.
Corrected skirt, hair.
They made a decent view and went up to the second floor to the audience.
I waited for Sonya to pick up her purse.
In her tired mind, one could say that she had a fever.
Therefore, she was not asked questions.
We are out of uni.
I confidently led my cat by the hand.
And she did not even ask where I was taking her.
We went to the parking lot, got into the car.
Baby, how are you? – I asked.
Super, – my doll smiled.
Come to me, Sonya? Let’s go, – the girl answered firmly.
10 minutes of the road Sonya was silent.
I got her home.
Sit in a chair, took off his shoes.
She silently looked into my eyes, smiled and spun in her chair.
“My baby,” I said.
Sonya was like a little angel.
So sweet and touching.
She was almost 17.
She was intelligent, divinely beautiful, with character.
I could not stop admiring her.
I pulled my doll by the handle, and she stood up.
Kissing, slowly began to undress Sonya.
She helped me.
After a couple of minutes, we were already completely stripped lying on silk blue sheets, merging together.
Sonya moaned, clutching the sheets in her fists.
I kissed her breasts and slowly but thoroughly moved in her.
I’ve never been so good.
I fucked an angel.
An innocent little angel who belongs only to me.
For an hour and a half we finished three times.
Completely devastated we fell asleep.
We were woken up by her mobile call.
Mom lost her daughter.
Yes, mummy, I was late at the institute, forgive me, – my little doll lied, smiling at me.
“I’ll go home soon.”
She carelessly threw the phone on the floor and lay back, bending the legs at the knees and stretching the arms, sweetly stretched.
I could not admire it.
He pulled off a silk sheet from her, with the tip of which she covered the perfect naked body, and began to caress her porcelain doll, running his fingers over his legs, hips, tummy, breasts, neck and Sonia’s cheeks.
Sonya relaxed and began to fall asleep, then I ran my palm over the pubis and pressed on the clitoris.
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She stirred and opened her eyes. Watch sex and the city online free season 6.

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