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Like a fool, I stayed at the table, realizing only one thing: we stay together with Christina and obviously will not watch TV.
From these reflections I was distracted by the sound of the door being closed and the sound of steps that stopped right behind my back.
Soft, but heavy hands lay on the shoulders, and I heard: – Now you can deal with a little! – With whom? – I squeezed out.

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And the idea that later these photos will be seen by others, additionally excited me, and I tried to shoot so that Masha could be seen well and clearly, so that they would surely find out if someone saw these photos.
So that everyone knows that my bride is a whore (at that moment I realized that I thought about Masha not just as my girlfriend, but as a bride, that is, my future wife, my whore wife, who spread her legs in front of two boys, brazenly fucking in front of my eyes).
And I realized that I really love her, and I cannot get away from this.

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It all looked very comical and even funny, and everything else was routine and even primitive.
And after a while I learned that my reverend seemed to be spiritually repent.
He became a militant atheist and began to expose the clergy, among whom he hung around for many years.

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Then they thought for a long time what to do with the pants – the child will not walk around the school in the same diaper.
“What would have been fun,” Ira laughed. “My friend’s two-year-old nephew walks like that all the time.
Without pants – in one diaper and short T-shirt.

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“And you are not bad sasshay kid, for svaih LET!” – waving the still-standing member in the air.
“And you want, I tebya kharasho fucking, pa-an officer?” My excitement reached the highest point and I nodded my sperm and did not give an account of my words.
We left the toilet and headed for the trolleybus stop.

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It was in my mind all the weekends and the last days.
So when Sal mentioned that he had invited Benjamin this Friday for a new group sex, I was overwhelmed with admiration, to say the least.
After I finished cleaning the kitchen, I went into the living room and sat down on the arm of Sal’s chair.

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She loves the graveyard theme.
For example, he knows that the lower one has buried a dear person — mom, dad, his girlfriend and makes him sneer at graves or deceased, before exhumation and necrophilia.
Do you think she has no clients? Yes, its revenues are the coolest in the industry! Yes, she – moral bastard freak! This is fanaticism, it’s nauseous! Same.

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I told Sonny I want to look at her pussy.
Apparently, she was accustomed to such requests, because she immediately took my hand and led me into the shadow of the trees.
Shamelessly she unzipped the denim skirt and I saw her oiled pubis and a small leather cherry at the bottom.

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The guy turned his face towards her, his eyes rested on his black hair, falling back onto his back.
A smile touched his face.
The girl turned to him with her eyes lowered, lifted, hesitated at the sight of her lips, a strip stretched to her ears, but instantly she was found, pushed into the shoulder.

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The jurors got into a fight.
One shouted that it was bullshit, Another tore the fur on its belly, But among them were those, That they honestly fulfilled duty, That was what the Wolf was afraid of.
The court finally ruled that the Wolf was a specific pedophile and issued a strict sentence: To reduce it to the barnyard, To Volchara every day, Had all who are not lazy.

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Why didn’t you tell me right away? Do you want me to part with him? Julia sharply raised her head, and Tatiana saw horror in her tear-stained eyes: – No, no.
I’m just such a fool.
Well what am I missing? I have you, complete harmony at home, and I behave like a slut! – she sobbed, – it’s just your man, and me.

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When the orderly finished, the general asks: “This is why she lay like a dead woman under me, and you saw how you waved!” – “And I, Your Honor, once in it, once in the sand.
So she spun. ”
“Now, if the beach was sandy, I would agree,” I said, laughing, “so uninteresting.”