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Seregin with both hands pressed her shoulders, insisting with this gesture on the stillness of the partners, and inserted the member into the anus.
“Seregin, with a sandwich, you,” he congratulated himself mentally and began to move.
It was amazing to feel the powerful trunk of the Negro in her pussy through the inside of the mulatto.

But the pleasure grew and grew.
Before his orgasm, he thrust his hand over the girl’s completely wet pussy, fingered the gum on the operator’s member with a fingernail and tore it up.
A member of the Negro pulsed, Seregin was at that moment as deep as possible and felt it, although this seemed incredible.
Seregin did not have time to think about it, because almost immediately his own member pulsed.
As for the girl, she seems to have fainted from an orgasm.
Seregin pulled the negro’s chair back into the corner, untied the girl, helped her get to the couch in the opposite corner, where he carefully covered the sheets.
– Now let’s see what you took out there? And why did the partisans actually leave you to me? Not for sexual adventures, Seregin was sure that both representatives of the independent press perfectly understand his Russian.

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An image of a city street appeared on the screen of an ancient computer.
The camera was at the level of the second or third floor and covered three lanes.
Cars in the frame flashed rarely, and the soldiers in the enemy in camouflage equipment of the highest quality, left the orange cones of the fence, freeing the extreme lane.
Frame obstructed emblem: 82 US Airborne Division.
Then the street reappeared, the soldiers were pulled out of the homes of unarmed Russian soldiers, and with their butts they formed a rare, ridiculous column.
“Our soldiers are being driven into captivity,” Seregin thought as an old woman.
The next scene was a small courtyard without vegetation, where the prisoners were already standing in crowds.
The camera showed how the Americans are removed in the gateway.
And showed close-ups of two.
In the black uniform, the nationalists are volunteers, with some ridiculous stripes.
Both looked into the camera with dull, arrogant eyes, chewed the cud, one of them, wrapped with ribbons, held a machine gun at the ready.
Pictured Schwartz.

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or something? – decided Seregin.
A few more blurry figures in black recoiled from two stretchers, showing the camera two wounded.
One lay motionless, seemingly unconscious, the second in a vest and with a bandaged leg was sitting on a stretcher and looked at black with hatred.
The one without a machine gun, with a boot hit in the chest, failed the injured man on his back and, with the butt of an automatic rifle, began to knock out the wounded teeth.
The camera of the operator recorded every blow, a bucket of water and a toothless grin of the unwilling to recover the captive. Free live lesbian webcam.

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