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Breath gets off.
I’m just like a snake starting to move.

Moans, sweet, muffled.
Then I ask him to stop.
He does not understand.
I smile and kiss.
I get up on my knees facing the wall.
Spreading legs and sticking out the ass.
He comes up, hugs me by the chest, kisses my shoulder.
But while in the ass I do not want, and I say, let’s do it like this, and then on another.
He enters again.
I shudder.
He is pressed against me.
And it seems to me that he wants to merge with me.
It excites me to the limit.
Then he goes out.
I ask to remove the condom.
Begins to stroke the cock of his anus with his dick.
I like it, I relax a little.
Then goes inside a centimeter.
I scream.
He stops.
Ironing chest and it distracts me.
Again the pain.
But I try to endure for his sake.
He whispers to me that he really wants me to relax.
Stroking me.
And sharply enters.
I said nothing, but a small tear flew down my cheek.
All is well.
In a shaking voice, I ask him to move as slowly and gently as possible.
He answers me only affection.
Then the movement is growing, and I understand that he is now finished, and the pain has already passed.
I feel a wave going through my body.
The last movements are as deep as possible and we both strain with our whole body to the impossible.
He cums in me.
The heat inside is blurred.
And we both fall on the bed.
I hug him in a couple of minutes.
Kiss and go to the shower.
Then I go out and he replaced me.
I tidied up a little in the room, poured juice into a glass, brought it into the room.

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He came, we both went to bed.
I whispered that he was the best !! Kissed.
He hugged me and we both fell asleep.
Elena tossed on the bed for an hour, anxious consciousness did not allow to fall asleep.
She again and again recalled the past day and she could not believe that such a thing could happen, much less happen to her, a calm, balanced woman of 38 years.
Calm in everything, and especially in bed, it was because of this that a year ago her husband threw her, moving to her mistress and leaving them with her son alone.
The hand slipped into the panties, raw from her discharge, fingers ran through the burning crack and she returned to the memories again.
Working hours came to an end, today they celebrated their colleague’s birthday, purely in the women’s circle, the wine hit in the head and Elena relaxed

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for the first time in recent months, she felt light and free.
Laughing girlfriends jumped in a taxi and sped off in the spring evening, to their husbands.
Or maybe lovers.
From this thought, some kind of impulse ran from the woman’s brain down the stomach and down there and remained a light aching sweetness.
For a year she had not had sex and lately she began to notice changes in herself.
She became easily excited, sometimes when it was completely inappropriate, often masturbating when the son was not at home, or in the bathroom, when he was still at home.
She spent evenings in bed with a laptop, browsing porn sites and sneaking her neat mink through silk panties.
It got to the point that a conservative woman in intimate matters once shaved all her hair around her vagina.
Elena was beautiful, and in principle never experienced a lack of male attention.
There were also concrete proposals, but she was afraid of starting a lover, afraid that her son would find out and misunderstand her.
So gradually she dissolved in her endless self-satisfaction, and her pussy insistently asked for a dick, a hot hard dick.
Elena was standing by the road stretching out her hand, but as luck would have it, the stream of cars passing by seemed to notice that the woman was beginning to freeze.
Having answered and heard the price that satisfied her, the woman sat in a warm saloon and closed the door.
– Belt fasten please, – the voice of the speaker was low, but not rude.
Elena strapped, and examined the driver. Help livejasmin.

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