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Tomorrow Georges Archibaldovich will give you an audition.

And while I work with your documents.

Hi fox.
Coming out of the office of the television company, I had the feeling that I had just bathed in a muddy muddy pool.
– Alice, now we have to meet with one person.
He will instruct us how we should behave with Zhora – Dasha told me.
– Dasha, and who is he? – He is a lieutenant colonel of the FSB, one of the best employees of our department.
Thin psychologist.
Andrey Smurnov.
In addition, the creator of a large pornographic Internet project “Taburetochka”, with which we catch various maniacs and other vermin.
– Oh, how interesting.
I read a couple of times there tales from the series “And in the ass cooler.”
But I never thought that this portal belongs to the authorities.
– Alice in this country, everything belongs to the authorities.
Not far from here.
Having gone down with Darya to the basement, we found ourselves in a fairly clean civilized room, there was a steady hum in the room.

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From servers and modems, as explained Dasha.
We were met by a tall handsome man of about forty.
– Lieutenant Colonel Smurnov – clearly, in the military he introduced himself.
– Lieutenant Skalkina – Dasha introduced herself.
– And this is our initiative Stepashkin.
Well, what kind of initiative am I? They got me to work for the damn KGB.
– Well, very nice.
We respect the initiative people.
Especially in our noble cause of struggle with all evil.
In short, I set the task.
You will have to sleep with Zhorik.
Perhaps not only with him.
Zhoru, I know for a long time, still on Afgan.
He went there in cocks, but as you know there is no more cruel master than a former slave.
He likes to roll up an orgy like some unfinished Caligula.
This fat fag peretrahal half the wives of their subordinates.
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