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By the name I think you guessed that I am Armenian.
I lived there a very boring life, the only thing I did so was playing the computer all day.
And of course I wanted to meet some sort of girl and fuck her.

I jerked off every day, presenting as fuck my classmates.
But in order to fuck someone for real, I was weak.

I’m afraid of the female.
And the only one girl that I know was very close to my cousin Lida.
She is 13 years old, but she looks at years 11, 12.
No boobs, priests as such, either.
On the face well, so pretty simpotichnaya girl.
Her father is Russian and she does not look like an Armenian.
And so it happened in short that I had a crush on her.
Fuse is not in the sense that he fell in love, but simply a desire to fuck her.
But sexual intercourse with relatives was considered a great shame by Armenian law.
It is terrible to even think what they can do to me.
But ALL THOSE decided to take a chance.
To be honest, since early childhood I flirted with my sister.
Lapal her everywhere, although neither tits nor pussy.

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And once we kissed her in a hickey, and after that she no longer gave.
Sometimes she pawed her ass, nothing more.
And soon I decided to use another tactic to conquer it.
I became practically her slave.
He carried out her instructions, was affectionate with her, never raised his voice to her, and so on.
It lasted for a month already, summer, by the way, and here again a brilliant idea came to my mind.
The idea was that I confess my love to her, that I can’t live without her and so on.
And when we were alone at home, I decided to do it.
Rodoki will arrive very late and it was the right moment.
I went into the hall and sat on the couch Lida watched something on TV.
– What, Lydunya, you miss, right? – I called her affectionately and she liked it.
– No, Arsen.
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