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It seems that I was shaken with excitement, this has not been the case since 20.
I put Lisa on the shoulder blades, took her legs and slowly pushed her to the edge of the bed.
Rubbed a member of her legs apart, looking at her wet and reddened excitement pussy.

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Hot-head member, I began to masturbate her clit, wet crotch.
Liza moaned and I realized that she would soon finish.
It did not suit me, and I turned it on all fours and put it on cancer, spread the halves to the side – the buns and put the member on a wet slippery sprocket in parallel, feeling the pea with my finger.
Slowly stroking the clitoris, distracting Lisa, I almost easily slipped into the ass head penis.
Anus tightly fitted a member, but I began to promote it further.
When Lisa was tense, I massaged the clitoris more actively, and when she moaned, she pushed him further.
And now my dick is fully entered into it, I took it out and with a wet finger smeared red ass.
Slowly returned to her penis and began to drive him a little more actively.
I didn’t take out a member anymore – just fucked.
I held her hips and pulled on my dick.
Suddenly, her body cramped and she almost screamed.

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Not expecting such a violent reaction and not controlling myself from excitement, I began to stop, being right in her ass.
After finishing a lot, I took out the penis, the hole of the anus remained open and white sperm poured out of it onto the sheet.
I embraced Liza and gently patted her ass go to the bath daughter, I stroked her head.
Daddy is coming.
Arriving in the bath and seeing her again, I decided to consolidate the success, put it down and said that I would wash it myself.
I soaped my hands and began to stroke her whole body.
Then he went down into the crotch and rubbed it with soapy hands and quickly brought it to orgasm.
When she finished she asked me when would we be still? We agreed that she would get an orgasm for every 5 students brought from school, and we also agreed that this is our little secret from mom.
For breakfast was, as usual, semolina.
Unlike my mother, who tolerated my clumsy treatment of a baby spoon, Lena immediately sat me on her knees and tied a bib, began to feed me like a baby.
I had no choice but to obediently open my mouth.
After breakfast, we immediately went to the children’s clinic.
Without difficulty finding the right office, Lena gently knocked on the door.
– Come in! – a young female voice came from behind the door.
Lena opened the door and pushed my stroller forward.
I looked around.
To my surprise, there were other visitors in the office: a young woman who was fussing on a changing table with an infant baby.
– Shame on you, Vova! – she turned to the child lying in front of her, – He started a stream when the nurse gave you a massage.
– It’s okay, – said the girl in a white robe, – Kids always arrange this for me. Live french sex.

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