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She is a fool.
found a way to see his body.

Okay alive.
Good first aid kit is always at hand at home.
The cut is not strong, but deep.
I sat on a chair and bandaged my arm.
Guilt and pity for him overwhelm me.
“Well, that’s all,” I put the remnants of the bandage in the first-aid kit, “you forgive me, Max!” I didn’t know what to do and didn’t find anything better than to kiss his lips.
like a flame engulfed me.
With difficulty she turned away from him.
“I live behind the wall, your neighbor,” I introduced myself.
“I have to go home, it’s too late,” I smiled, I so wanted to stay, but there was no reason.
“Bliiiiiiiiiiiiin”, turned and touched the first-aid kit on the table, the box fell to the floor and opened, the bubbles, the tablets scattered on the floor.
It became quite funny.
I stooped and began to collect.
and suddenly.
from the rapid breathing realized that it starts.
Ekarny babay !!! I was bent over, and the dress was almost on my neck.
I hurriedly straightened up and straightened the dress, so it is.
I hiked almost to my belt. “Alina, maybe tea?” I try to defuse the situation.
Both are starting to laugh and involuntarily hug her as a friend.
The fragrance of her perfume brings me back to reality.

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, too, was silent and just looked away and only the blush on her cheeks betrayed some embarrassment.
“Doesn’t break out” catching myself on it.
I run my fingertips down her neck and touch the lips of her shoulder.
She closes her eyes in response to my caresses.
SHE What is it with me? never like that on a man from the first minutes of dating.
Stirs the faint smell of his perfume and clean male body.
Only his fingers touched his neck, as I swam.
and there is no strength to break away from it and leave.
I decide whether there will be.
let him think about me what he wants.
I decide what I wanted to do for a long time in life.

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“Max, turn on the music.
not fast.
Striptease in beautiful lingerie and in front of a handsome man alone is an old dream.
HE Not quite understanding her requests, I immediately release her from the arms, take her hand, go into the hall, turn on her favorite album with Sting.
I kindle candles, turn on the electric fire, walk up to hug, Alina pushes me onto the sofa, gives in to her and falls.
SHE close my eyes for a moment.
I let music into my soul and start moving under it.
the body becomes weightless and glides like a haze.
a wave of the hand – and I stay in lace panties, bra and stockings.
chair in the middle of the room.
around him, like a predatory cat.
in the bend of the body passion, desire.
I bend back to him, leaning my hands on a chair.
in the whole pose, it shows lust.
slightly moving her hips, swaying her delicious ass.
a few movements by the chair, sit down.
spreading legs.
looking into his eyes I slowly run my fingers along the strip of thongs.
I move it slightly away and spend it between the lips that start to swell.
Shift my legs and get up.
smooth movements to the music.
back to him.
bra on the floor.
hug myself with my hands.
I turn to him and slowly withdraw my arms from my chest.
his enthusiastic gaze as if pushes him to continue.
proudly lift my shoulders.
the chest rises, the nipples hardened and stiffened in arousal look as if in his face.
HE Her dance was crazy.
The grace of the cat and the beauty of the girl’s body were forced to plunge into the world of passion.
I lay on the sofa, leaning on my elbows, and watched the movements of her body.
The member already simply tore the tissue of the boxes.
slightly spread her knees so that she saw the result of her efforts.
It seemed that my pepper still did not want female caress like that.
He ached from the tension and pain of waiting.
Head peeked out from under the gum panties.
SHE Yes.
He also has something to be proud of !!! impressive.
licked at once parched lips.
fingers under the elastic of thin translucent panties.
turn, back.
slowly removed them.
leaned and stepped, thrown to the side.
remained in some fishnet stockings.
turned her face, feeling her face burning.
excitement is chest, slightly trembling legs.
ran her hand over her delicate, girl-like pussy.
she felt under her fingers how the sponges opened and how wet and slippery between them.
walked over to the sofa, bent down so that his chest slightly hung in front of his face, ran his hand directly over the pants, feeling the hardness of his trunk.
slightly squeezed on the head.
the fabric immediately got wet through.
is ready.
with a quick movement took off his boxers.
sat between your legs and admired the poured, slightly trembling trunk in the face. Live video sex video.

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