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With one hand, I masturbated myself with a vibrator, with the other I caressed and squeezed my chest, twisted my nipples with my fingers and squirmed on the bed.

Having caressed my breasts, I widely spread my bent legs at the knees and started pulling the clitoris with a vibrator inserted into my pussy, after a couple of minutes I pulled out the vibrator and groaned.

– AAA.
I was spreading my legs and stroking my wet pussy, under the groans in the next room.
Katya and Arthur didn’t lighten up, and it’s clear that this is young.
And for some reason I was lying and thinking how and in what position he fucked her, while I wanted to be in her place myself.
With these thoughts, I fell asleep.
When I woke up at 11:00 am on Saturday, I got up and put on a robe and left the room; there was no one at home.
After breakfast I went shopping, walked through the sections of the bottom belm, looked into the sex shop for the sake of interest, and returned home.
Katya was waiting for me at home.
– Mom how are you Arthur.
– What I will tell you is not a bad young man.
– Yes, yes, mom, he is very good and you won’t believe me so well with him.

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– I believe, I believe Cate, tonight I heard you feel good.
Katka reddened.
– Mom.
– What mom, I woke up from your squeak and from your moans.
Half the night you were listening.
Straight envy took.
– Mom well, forgive me, next time I will be quieter.
Katya hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.
I spent the weekend in household chores, cleaning, ironing, cooking, and Katyukha with my Arthur.
On Monday afternoon, I sat in my office and heard the outer door creak, and then I heard steps on the stairs after a moment Arthur came into my office.
– Hi Arthur,

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that brought you here.
Arthur turned and locked the door.
– What are you doing, and why shut the door.
– Oksana Vladimirovna you are an intelligent woman, you must understand that I am not here with simple.
– Do not tell me that you were touched by my words about lazy.
– Not that we were touched, I told you you were in the plans, but here such a chance was drawn when I learned that you are Katya’s mother, while you yourself said at home not here when I put the handle between your legs, and this is a hint.
You, as always, look like a short red skirt, a white fitted blouse with a deep neckline on five plus, I already see your bra from here.
Come to me, I’ll see stockings on you or all the same tights.
Arthur went at me, I got up from the table and began to run away from him around the table, he followed me.
“Oksana Vladimirovna, I’ll catch you anyway, you don’t run away from me in your high heels, and not where.”
– I’ll scream.
– Shout, no one here will hear you, you are alone in the next entrance except you or anyone else. Passat camshaft position sensor.

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