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So, you have a nursery here for big children and we will work as nannies in it? – clarified Lena.
Absolutely right, – confirmed the head doctor, – Well, is this work for you? It would be interesting to try, – said Nastya.
Our main task – to wean the child from diapers, – explained Vera Andreevna, – Lead to us mostly children of primary school age.

You understand that until the child went to school, parents treat diapers rather condescendingly.
And only in the first grade.
well still, if in the first.
start to sound the alarm.
Each case is pretty advanced.
Not to mention the fact that the children themselves are utterly spoiled.
Of course, ”Oksana agreed,“ if only some new Russians turn to you. ”
Of course they have spoiled children. Runtell naked webcam.

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