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After all, he did not die.
Well, you go to him.
Well, here tomorrow and go !.

(no futanari and fiction, just ZHMZH group sex) The frost on the street was just like the one in the movies.
Quiet leisurely snow streaks the ground.
The nose tingles slightly, but in warm clothes it is cozy, comfortable and you can spend more than one hour on the street before you start to freeze.
It was evening and covered, already becoming grayish drifts, clean snow glistened and shimmered in the light of street lamps and passing cars.
But with all the romance of the weather and the inclination of Andrey to walk at such a time, there was no desire to spend the night outside.
He hesitantly hesitated on the threshold of a neat two-story house, thinking about what to say to his mistress, from whom he had left two hours ago.
He nevertheless managed to get to the station on time, but he was not destined to

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go to his native city, located a hundred kilometers away.
The railway was covered with snow and the cleaning equipment could not cope with the violence of the elements.
Frankly speaking, Andrey was secretly hoping for something that would give him an excuse to return.
An old friend of his mother, for whom he brought some documents and gifts for the new year was very attractive.
Medium height, with a short French hairstyle of dark hair, with large, amazing emerald green eyes, full lips and a small neat nose.

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While they were drinking tea and he was sharing the news, it was very difficult for him to hide his views.
He literally devoured the eyes of her round chest, tightly covered with a thin T-shirt, beautiful legs, every now and then looking out from under the robe and gorgeous ass.
The girl had a perfect figure.
Not too thin and not fat.
Strong, well-built girl.
Having plucked up courage, he rang the doorbell.
Leia opened the door and listened, with a smile, a confused explanation of what had happened.
Without letting him finish, she let him into the house: “What is the conversation, of course, you can stay with me,” the girl smiled.
– You should have stayed right away, as I said.
We have such winters, treacherous.
I got used already.
– Andrey embarrassed to the house.
A few minutes later they settled into a cozy kitchen filled with warm and tasty smells of cooking food.
Andrei readily responded to the request to assist in the preparation of a festive dinner.
Still would! Yes, he would have done anything just to be able to stealthily observe this beautiful girl, as well as admire her expressive forms.
At the preparations, they chatted and laughed at ease.
Andrei was seven years younger than Leia, but the age difference was not completely felt and the conversation went smoothly.
“Okay, the most important thing is, we’ve finished,” Leia said with satisfaction, so go to the bathroom for a refreshing dip.
Do not greet the new year with unwashed, ”Leia said cheerfully.
– The towel hangs on the right there, she shouted after him.
When it was still 2 hours before the new year, they gathered in front of the TV in the living room with glasses of wine and a box of chocolates.
Alcohol in the twenty-year-old Andrew acted surprisingly quickly, especially since he did not drink at all, preferring juices and a healthy lifestyle. Sex cam young.

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