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I sighed and zaahal the whole apartment.
At first it was painful, but after the pain was replaced by bliss.
Oh, it was super !!! I took my penis in my hands and began to masturbate, I soon finished, after Zhenya finished.

Somewhere deep in me I felt his hot cum.
He pulled a member of my priests and wiped the remnants of sperm on my buttocks.
I lay down on my stomach and dozed off, his sperm slowly flowed out of my priests, making my anus sticky and wet.
Zhenya asked me if I would mind if his friend joined us.
I replied that I did not mind, and continued to nap.
After a while, his friend, Gena, of medium height, thin but wiry, came, his face was a real felon.
He greeted me and looked at my butt with interest.
I went undermining when I returned, Gena was already naked waiting for me, and Zhenya took the observation post in the opposite chair.
I lay on my back, legs spread wide apart, the member of Gena was thin, but long.
When he put it in my ass, there was a feeling that he was getting my glands.
He began to fuck me without a shadow of emotion, calmly, confidently, arrogantly looking at me.
There was the impression that he was fucking manic.

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I squirmed on his penis like a snake, trying to make his penis penetrate all corners of my insatiable ass.
Every time he moved, new feelings, new emotions were born in me.
I never felt like that! I squealed with pleasure.
He has finished abundantly in me.
After he lay down on the sofa and gave it to my mouth, at that time Zhenya inserted his dick into my tired ass.
But after Gena, I didn’t like Zhenya’s member anymore, but I let him fuck me.
At that time I began to suck with a member of the Gena with gusto, he clasped my head with his hands and began to pull it on his penis.
He fucked me right in the throat, it really turned me on, especially since Zhenya was actively stretching my butt with his big red eggs hitting my scrotum and my legs.
Soon they finished: After a short rest, I drove home, feeling in the anus the sticky sperm of my new sex partners and the pleasant pain in my mouth from a wonderful member of the Gena.
I R O S L A V (“Army fornication” -3).
My army service was coming to an end, but this circumstance, with considerable enthusiasm, expected by everyone who was going to demobilization, did not at all make me happy.
After meeting Stasik, a vague feeling of anxiety grew in me.
I was worried about only one question: what will happen to him, my unsurpassed partner in sex, when we part? And more than once I tried to speak frankly with him about this delicate moment, even offered to find a worthy replacement for myself: it’s not so easy to meet in our

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