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said Vovka thoughtfully.
“I did not know then that this was possible.”
Yes, and there was no special need.

Having bare the whole head, Serega began to jerk all over me.
I could not stand on my feet from the strange sensations.

Yes, and Serge, too, probably liked it.
Riser did not decrease.
With his every movement with his hand, his excited cock touched my priests.
Gray increasingly increased the pace.
And suddenly! As if lightning had pierced my body.
It’s like a bomb exploded in the brain.
A veil appeared before his eyes.
From my cock suddenly broke a trickle of something whitish and volatile.
My legs gave way completely.
I would have fallen, probably, if Serega had not kept me.
Then he turned me to face him.
His dick rested against my navel.
I remember my whole face was burning.
Ears were like two pancakes.
I became really scared.
I thought that he had done something terrible and indecent to me and that now something had broken or spoiled in me.
Zhenkin’s eyebrow rose, but he made no sound.
Then I could barely whisper hoarsely – “Seryoga, what was that ???” And looked at him.

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He, like me, often breathed and was red as a cancer.
I looked at his dick – the whole head was smeared with the same liquid that just escaped from me.
I ran my palm over my buttocks – they too were smeared with his mucus.
He raised his hand to his nose and sniffed.
Some kind of unusual and unfamiliar tart smell.
I repeated – “What is it ???”.
He answers me – “Vovka, I congratulate you, you finished for the first time in your life.
Well, I finished with you.
“This is the number! – Sasha could not stand.
And now what.
I was nervous? – Vovk continued the story.
“Nothing,” replied Serega.
“You can jerk yourself now.
And you will be as pleased as today. ”
And nothing will happen to me because of this? “No, stupid, nothing,” replied Serega.
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