Tumblr sex caught on camera.

Tumblr sex caught on camera.
Then the movement resumes.
She says to me: “quietly, do not move” and begins to sit herself

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on me.
Her vagina such a device is narrow at the base and expands deep into.

And so she sits down, but not until the end, but only half, thus massaging my head and upper part of the penis.
I’m just incredibly pleased.
I’m going crazy.
What does it not make me finish faster, but also excites so much that the roof tears seriously so.
So it still takes about 15-20 minutes.
I notice that she is already too tired.
We turn over.
Now I’m on top, she lies, spreading her legs and sometimes hugging me with them.
She moans.
I work like a steam engine, after a while I soak so much that sweat starts to flow from me.
The windows in the room are closed.
In vain.
In the end we were both very tired.
I decide to rest.
We hug, she says good night to me, hoping to sleep.
Before that, I still get up and open the window.
I look like I’m doing a cup of tea with a member still standing.
But I can not sleep.
Since I have not finished yet and below I have all the whines.
She sits on top of me again.
Now that our hot bodies are in contact with each other, the sensations are completely different, but no less pleasant.

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I would say it is even more pleasant.
I enter it.
Now she tries to apply all her skills to make me come.
But I just do not give up.
I try to change my position, she is completely exhausted and tired.
I am on top, on the side, again on top, I take the pace.
From it flows, we put a towel under it, so as not to soak the bed.
Finally, I take such a pace that it just exhales, the bed squeaks full and beats against the wall.
and I can not stand.
I get out of it and literally explode.
It all went on for maybe 3-5 minutes.
I have never had such an orgasm.
If I had finished it, I would probably have ripped it in two.
We hug, we lie together for some time and fall asleep.
A quarter to three.
Three to four days have passed since the events of the first part.
I will not retell what happened there (who is interested – look in the list of my publications).
Better to get right to the point.
Fucking – Tibidokh and Tatiana and I were, of course, just insane – during these three days we tried everything from classics to binding a partner.
She even tried to get me to allow her a strapon, but I refused.
What kind of guys are they that give their ass to be torn apart? And anyway, the boss is here.
Despite the long and passionate sex sessions, we didn’t have any relations and could not be – she has a family, I’m twenty years younger.
In short, classic sex without commitment.
But for some reason I wanted love.
You know, not mad sex, but just – a girl.
I guess I’m still a romantic.
That memorable evening I was at some party with friends and noticed one fragile blonde who was somehow apart. Tumblr sex caught on camera.

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