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Nevertheless, when she readily settled down on the vacant seat, Larissa did not immediately begin the punishment.
For at least a minute, she grimaced painfully, stroking her ripped buttocks, on which there was literally no living space.
Then, resolutely picking up the rod, she forcefully gave Stella the first of the next ten blows.

At the same time, she stood up so that when striking it was more convenient to transfer her weight from the right foot to the left, thereby giving the right hand maximum acceleration.
The result did not hesitate: now, after each strike, Stella frantically squeezed the edges of the steel rings, charmingly ringing them, and bent both legs in desperate and useless attempts to hide behind.

Larisa tried, realizing that she was hopelessly losing the competition.
The blows were powerful and resounding; they were beyond the power of even some men.
Stella’s ass in two places was soaked with blood, one scarlet streak crossed her back just above the waist, another blow fell just above the knees.

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Larissa didn’t slow down, but Stella met her tenth blow as courageously as the first.
My wife could not hide her disappointment and reluctantly took her place.
I ordered Stella to spare Larisa and continue to punish her in full force, otherwise all her weak blows will be returned to her by me.
The girl dutifully nodded, but I still saw that she had ceased to smack my wife in full force.
Apparently, she was afraid that Larisa was about to lose, and her revenge would be terrible.
But there was nothing to complain about – more and more new white stripes appeared on Larissa’s ass, quickly disappearing among the common reddish-pink background.
My wife no longer moaned, but cried on one note, interrupting only at the moment of delivering another blow.
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