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But she knew that he, like her, did not care when entering the audience.
“Dame,” Igor made a broad gesture with his hand and smiled: what to do, for women — nerves.
Alena got a ticket so-so: you can’t say that it’s quite easy, to which the lecture was postponed, but not difficult, not from those you don’t know anything about, because only the list of references that you need to read during the semester is long not one meter.

Got Alena “Don Juan” Byron.
She didn’t read a single line about Byron Alyon, and in addition to what she knew about him before: the lord limped, loved women and Greece, and that Lermontov wasn’t Byron, but another, yet unknown elect, like him, a world-persecuted wanderer, but only with a Russian soul, – she didn’t know anything else.
But the novel read two days ago.
Alyona was bored, waiting for the chair to be cleared in front of the teacher’s table, then the door opened and Valya entered.
Valia looked meaningfully at Alain; what this expressive glance meant, Alyona did not understand, it was only clear that she had to wait for Valentine in the corridor, but this was clear and without glances.
Valya walked sedately to the table, calmly took the ticket, solidly called his number and went to the empty seat.
“You know?” – glanced Alain.
Valya nodded her head with dignity and began to write the answer.
The girl at the table listed the dates: when the author was born, married, wrote the play, when she was put, where and who.
Well, one must remember so much, amazed Alain.
The teacher, a young woman, returned the first year from the graduate school, read something, flipped through, yawned, looked at the ceiling.

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Alena liked to drive with her to the state farm – she sat on an upturned bucket with her back to the students and opened the book.
Alyona immediately declared that she, too, was literate, and she also had a book with her and walked with a book in the grass, behind the bushes, and behind her, of course, Valya and Nadya, and their whole group,

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who also I didn’t like to read, everyone went to the grass.
It was not like going to the state farm with a curator, a teacher of the Russian language, an elderly woman, it seemed to the girls, a woman that, swallowing tears, in silence, when the girls said “we can’t do anything anymore, but fuck up” and so forth and sit down to rest, alone walked behind the car, throwing cabbage into it or some other vegetable, and Alena, sighing, got up and followed, well, of course, Valya, cursing quietly, rose and followed Alena, and after them the whole group – who would dare to sit if Valya got up? – was going to clean up the state farm harvest.
Except at the Alyona’s State Farm, she didn’t see this anywhere else, she also seemed to be happy to turn her back on the students, and something was disturbing her.
Finally, the krail scratched in the record book, and Alan passed to the place of her fellow student.
She didn’t have time to sit down like a krail — Alyona didn’t know her name, Savitskaya was leading classes in foreign literature in their group, and she read lectures to the whole course, but they said about this figure that she immediately put a student on top three and then sluggishly he listens to everything he mumbles, and Alyona, with apprehension and resentment, prepared to get a three right away, but Fifa folded all the papers in a pile, put her hands on the table, like a diligent student, and stared at Alain as an announcer on the television screen waiting for emergency messages .
Alyona immediately forgot about the recent graduate student and almost about the exam itself: she read the novel with interest, as they say, “avidly”, a lot of impressions, and there was no one to share them with, and now Alyona gladly reasoned out loud. Indian free online sex videos.

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