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I got under the blanket under the guise and pressed my lips to the pussy machine, from which the sperm was mixed with her juices so actively that under the booty of my girlfriend a gel-like puddle was formed.
I kissed her soaked pussy with such reverence, as if I touched a shrine.
I diligently, millimeter by millimeter licked her hole, savoring this taste, this smell, as the best delicacy in the world.

Masha, not paying attention to me, still whispered with the boys for some time, then she fell silent and began to moan softly, then pressed my head to her pussy.
I do not know how long it lasted (my cock was ready to explode a long time ago) when Masha stopped me and said in a whisper: – I want to write.
– Will you go to the toilet? – I reluctantly broke away from her pussy.
– Well, where can I find clothes in the dark now? Or should I go naked? It’s cold there.
– And what do you suggest? – Well, bring some bucket or something.
“How do I know where the buckets are here?” – Ask the owner.
What are you helpless what ?.
I got up, walked out of the room, overcoming a sense of humiliation (asking a person for help, who had just fucked my girlfriend in a cheeky way), approached the absolutely naked Viktor Mikhalych lying on the sofa: – Excuse me, but where is your bucket? And then Masha wanted to pee.
Mikhalych did not sleep and seemed to be just waiting for this question of mine – he got up right away and, without dressing, took me to the kitchen: – I invented the same, a bucket.
Such a gourmet, and you want to plant it on a piece of iron, – it was noticeable that Mikhalych grumbled more for the sake of appearance, as well as the fact that his member had not had time to completely limp, but continued to be swollen (and maybe re-strengthened?) And shone from juices of my girlfriend, – Take a drink here, it will somehow be more poetic. Lazyasses cam show.

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