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What a fine fellow, – Masha praised me, after returning in a few minutes, – I quickly drank everything.
The nurse took the empty bottle from me and went off somewhere.
It turns out only one woke up dry? – suddenly asked Light.

Aha, only one, – confirmed Masha, – Victor.
We need to plant it on the pot faster, – Sveta realized herself.
Who else would plant the pot? – Masha thought.
Sasha? – offered Sveta.
I also thought about him, – agreed Masha.
Masha went to my bed and took me in her arms and carried me to the changing table.
Victor was already sitting on the next changing table.
I wonder which of them is faster peeing? – smiled at Sveta, dragging off the sliders from Viti.
Can we have a competition? – Masha suggested, – Who will quickly make your baby start to trickle.
Sitting on a pot? – with bewilderment she looked at Masha Sveta.
What a pot! – Masha smiled, unbuttoning my sliders, – On the back with legs raised up.
Oh, so you thought that! – Light laughed, – Let’s try.
Masha quickly pulled off the sliders and, forcing me to lie on my back, immediately pulled my legs up.
Turning my head, I noticed that Victor was lying in the same position with his legs up to the point with his legs raised up.
Letter-letter-letter, – began to sentence Masha affectionately, – Who will start up a

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fountain now? The unexpected touch of the fingers of others to the scrotum made me flinch.
Oh, as we are now pissing, – Masha smiled, having started to lightly touch fingers behind my testicles.
I kicked my legs from a sharp tickle, but the nurse quickly caught them and pressed me to my stomach, depriving me of the opportunity to move.
“Now Vityusha will show everyone how he can make a stream,” said Sveta, affectionately, said, “Pis-Pis-Pis.
I noticed that Sveta tickles her baby’s testicles the same way.
Only, unlike Masha, she allowed Vite to jerk her legs.
The boy fidgeted on the table, desperately trying to dodge the fingers of the nurse, but he did not succeed.

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Come on, Sasha, – again Masha started to persuade me, – Do you see, Vityusha can not pee? Probably waiting for you to show him how to do it.
How can this not pee? – Lightly offended by the Light, – He is now faster than yours will let a trickle! The tickling was so painfully acute that I felt I could really lose control of my bladder.
How do you tickle yours? – with a smile asked Sveta Masha.
Boys, I just gently touch the scrotum, – showed Sveta, – That’s it.
You spend with your fingertips at once two testicles.
First from top to bottom, now on the sides.
And of course in the back, where the most ticklish.
And I just tickle the boys there, – Masha smiled, continuing to touch fingers behind my balls – The back side of the scrotum.
And a little lower, behind the testicles.
The boys have the most ticklish place there.
Between the scrotum and booty.
Right here.
Trembling from the unbearable tickling, I could not stand it and farted loudly.
We are not only letting in a stream now, – Masha laughed, – We will still poop into the bargain.
A very correct decision, Sasha, is to go after a large afternoon snack.
The girls laughed together.
It was a shame to tears from the awareness of their complete helplessness.
Not only did the nannies at any moment undress me, so they also pointed out when I should go in a small and big way.
And the most annoying, always sought their own.
The only consolation was the other unlucky volunteers who turned out to be prisoners of the laboratory.
I looked again at Vitya, desperately jerking with his legs.
Letter-letter-letter, – Sveta sentenced, tickling the baby’s pink scrotum.
Suddenly, the boy froze for a moment and the next second let a strong jet out of his pussy.
Well! – triumphantly looked at Masha Sveta, – Who did it faster? Now mine, too, will let the trickle, – said Masha confidently, continuing to tickle my testicles.
My trembling began to turn into convulsions.
With all my body twitching, I involuntarily relaxed and immediately began writing.
We need to quickly put a pot under the stream, ”Masha realized, and slipped a pot under my butt.
And my stream is higher! – lightly boasted Sveta.
Of course! – Masha laughed, – After you almost vertically lifted the boy’s pisyunchik! Other people’s fingers lifted my pussy.
I continued to write for another couple of seconds, not knowing where to go from embarrassment.
How well they both peed, – Sveta smiled, shaking the last drops off her pussy.
Are you sure that the child peeed to the end? – with a sly smile asked Sveta Masha.
Feeling how other people’s fingers slipped back onto my scrotum, I started up from the sharp tickling, I immediately started up the trickle, not realizing how quickly everything happened. Live sexx video.

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