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At such moments, a shiver ran through his body, and he needed no small effort to restrain himself from a mad desire to grab his daughter and, having thrown her on the floor, immediately seized her.
He stood stiffly, holding his heavy breathing hard.
A member stuck with a stake, and he was sick of desire.

Today he finally decided to do IT.
His wife went to a fledging mother in another city for a few days, and there were two of them in the whole house: he and his daughter.
He did not know how much he stood, not moving at the door, looking at the sleeping daughter in the weak light of a night lamp.
He was overwhelmed with passion and shame.
He understood that something terrible, irreparable was about to happen, but he could not help it.
He was going to rape his daughter.
But in his eyes, she had long ceased to be his daughter.
He saw in her a young girl with a body pouring in the juice of maturity, which he passionately wanted to madness, and now this passion has spilled over the edge, completely seized his mind by depriving the last drops of reason.
He wanted her, madly wanted her and could not think of anything else.
With difficulty, holding back his intermittent breathing, he quietly approached the bed.
The daughter slept on the left side, facing the door.
Her left hand was tucked under the pillow and hung over the edge of the bed, her right hand was thrown behind her back.
She stretched her left leg along the bed, pushing her right to the stomach.
Looking at the position in which her daughter was sleeping, he immediately realized that he could get to the most intimate places of this beautiful young body without disturbing her sleep.
For a few minutes he looked at the serene face of his sleeping and unsuspecting daughter, and then, dropping to his knees, carefully, centimeter by centimeter, began to load the blanket from his daughter, greedily devouring every inch of a young naked body before his eyes.

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Lord, how he wanted her! Pulling the blanket to the waist of his daughter, he froze, admiring the picture before him.
His gaze appeared delicate chiseled neck with velvety skin.
She smoothly passed into an enticing hollow below which peeped out intoxicatingly seductive hemispheres of a girl’s breast.
Carefully, fearing to wake his daughter ahead of time, he gently pulled aside the edge of the cut-out nightie and freed his daughter’s chest with a

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pink sticking nipple from captivity.
Unable to restrain himself, he brought his flaming face closer and gently wrapped his lips around this boldly protruding nipple.
The smell and taste of a young blooming body stunned him.
Listening to the quiet breathing of his daughter, he began to caress the nipple with the tip of the tongue, not letting it out of his lips.
Then, boldly, he began to play with him.
That, completely releasing him from his mouth, then, sucking his mouth again, caressed him with his tongue.
For several minutes, with delight, he caressed his daughter’s chest, reveling in the tenderness and elasticity of silky skin, its unique aroma.
Then he got up and, bypassing the bed, approached his daughter from the back.
Gently pulling back the edge of the blanket, he bared the elastic buttocks of his daughter covered with cloth.
Scrapping the hem of a nightie was too difficult and dangerous.
Holding out his hand, he took his daughter’s nail scissors from the bedside table and neatly cut the nightie to the waist.
Throwing the halves aside, he finally exposed his daughter’s naked ass.
Stretching out his trembling hand, he touched the narrow lips of the genital lips framed by a gentle fuzz and almost went insane from the feeling of rapture and lust that seized him.
He touched her private parts, he did it, and no one bothered him.
For several minutes he stood, not moving, each time feeling the hands of the warmth of the crotch of her incredible delight to his daughter.
Groping the knob of his clitoris, he ran his finger over it several times, pressing lightly.
The daughter stirred, saying something in a dream, and squeezed her legs, as if pressing her father’s hand to her crotch.
He, too, froze, trying not to betray himself.
My daughter whispered something unintelligible, moved her legs again and fell silent.
He gently released his hand, surprised to find that it was wet.
It is visible to the daughter from his caresses dreamed an erotic dream and she, in a dream, was excited.
He went around the bed again and, kneeling down, again began to caress the girl’s breast with ecstasy.
Carried away, he missed the moment when his daughter’s breath from barely audible and even turned into noisy and frequent. Online sex full movie.

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