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Not every woman has ever had such a thing: our wealth, to her alone, that night, belonged.
She, like any woman, was pleased with this but the desire to surrender did not awaken her.

– Do not be shy – I quietly whispered to my wife’s hand, her hand and gently nudged him.
– Watch how you stand – he likes you, pay attention to both, not just me.
Take it, touch it, caress it in your palm, today you have two of them, so – get used to it.
Bashful of someone else’s cock she squeezed in her palm.
For the first time in her life, just two, she held in her hands.
Then, alone, my wife confusedly confessed to me: what felt in my hands at once two turned out to be nice.
But at that moment she almost did not realize that because she was burning with shame for herself.
With a friend, I learned my wife from a new one from the hair on my head to the pubic growth, I admired with my spouse with him, making sure that she liked her friend too.
We crushed her tits together, licked her pussy, from the upper lips to the lower lips kissed her whole body.
A friend more than the bottom caressed his pussy enjoying and from the smell of her more and more excited.
With lust, he shoved his tongue into her vagina and shook his dick, as if a bayonet, stood at his wife.
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