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Surely it tormented her for a long time, and if not for a drink, she would not have been so open.
With anger towards myself, I felt that at this moment of such a serious conversation with my daughter all I can think about is the softness of her chest pressed against me and the smell of her silky hair tickling my face.
My daughter was still hugging me, burying her face in my chest.

Automatically, I hugged her with my second hand, and gently pulled her to me.
I could feel her whole body, my palms slid over her back, sometimes slipping below the waist.

Suddenly, she threw one leg over me, and continuing to hug, began to fall on me with his body.
I was scared.
My cock was like a stone and I just noticed it.
Now that he was pinned to Angela’s crotch, she couldn’t help but feel it.
My daughter slightly opened her knees, even more clinging to my body.
Oh my God! Is that really true?! My own daughter, pressed her pussy to my dick.
Or is it just my drunken imagination.
I felt it again.
Angela is even heavier than my dick.

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Incredible! I stroked her back a little more, and then wrapped my hands around her hips, trying to break her arms.
But it was not there.
– Oh, dad.
– she whispered, lightly touching the lips of my neck and continuing to cling to me with her pussy.
My fingers slipped on her ass and slightly squeezed it.
The supple flesh there was hot and very soft.
Oh God, I feel my own daughter’s ass.
My palms massaged her ass, harder and harder, trying to get into the beat with which Angela moved her hips over my body.
At that moment I realized what was happening.
Katya! Denis! Oh god, I thought, what the hell am I doing? Looks like I really drank too much.
I turned my head to where my wife and son were sitting.
What I saw stunned me.
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