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We both used to fool around a lot together back in college days.
We showed up to the night club close to midnight already buzzing.
Within minutes we had a few guys hitting on us, buying our drinks and wanting to dance with us. Vibrators effect on orgasm.
Given we are polite girls, we took their drink offer, grabbed them and led them to the dance floor.
Over the next 3 hours we danced with 6 different guys, all of who managed to grind their cocks in our ass. Webcam sex broadcast yourself.
Not that we were objecting as we were pushing our asses into them all the time.

Amy and I both put the naughty grinding dance on teh floor for the boys to have fun with.
It was 2AM and Amy and I decided we will take Albert from Canada and show him the American way of life. Horny cougars for tonight cummington massachusettscummington massachusetts.
We took a quick break.
Freshened up in the ladies room, came out, found Albert and dragged him to the floor.
I was in front and Amy at the back as we sandwiched Albert.
He was having the time of his life with 2 naughty college girls grinding against him. Russian women sexsexsexsex teen free chatroom.
His hands were already on my ass and often under my miniskirt feeling my skin.
Amy would reach around and grab his cock as she danced and rubbed her tits in his back.

We gad Albert hard in seconds.
We girls put on a show for all the guys making them envious of Albert’s luck. Cole tucker gay.
As soon as the song got over, Amy whispered into Albert’s ear.
‘so what hotel are you taking us girls to?’ Albert turned around to answer but I grabbed his cock this time which was hard like a rock.
He stammered feeling his cock being held again. Freeonline chatting sex girld.
we girls laughed and grabbed his hands as we led him out of the club.
Once on the road Albert had his hands around our waist, a girl in each arm as we waived a taxi.
Once in the cab, we were off to his room. Masturbate with snot.
Albert sitting in between had his one hand on Amy’s big boobs and the other on the inside of my skirt feeling my pussy through my thong.

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