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I was pleased to see that she had shaven her pubic hair.
I believe that makes a woman even more beautiful.
My hand went out to feel her sensitive skin above her sex.
“Part your legs a little for me.
” I told her. Mature bisexual porn.
Now my hand and fingers could wander and explore her sex between her legs.
I was surprised because Katie was a little wet already.
“Now turn around, so that I my see your spankable nice bottom.
” I ordered. Interracial bisexual photos.
When she turned around, a very nice round, smooth, tight bottom greeted me.
“Keep your legs parted for me.
” I told her as my hands explored every inch of this naughty naked bottom.
Katie stood on her tiptoes as my fingers found her sex again. Gangbang twerking lick dick outdoor.
In her email, Katie expressed that she wanted to try a butt plug while she was spanked.
This was a perfect time to try it on her.
On the coffee table were a well-lubricated butt plug and some K-Y jelly.
“Now bend over and touch your toes with your legs spread wide. 3somesex online sex on web cam.

” After she was in position, I lubricated her butt hole and slowly pushed the butt plug into her.
“Take it slowly.
” Katie said.
“I am a virgin in that hole.
” Slowly I pushed and turned the butt plug, and soon her body sucked it in and held it in place. Teen panty cam.
“Now stand up for me and take off your skirt and hand it to me.
” After she handed me her skirt, she now stood before me, naked from the waist down, with only her high heels on.
“Before I spank you, I want to give you some corner time to think about what is about to happen to you. Mindy meister nude photos.
Follow me.
” I grabbed her arm and took her to the corner of the room.
“Now stand, facing the corner, with your hands shoulder high and palms up.
Be sure to address me as Sir.
” “Yes, Sir.
” Katie replied.
Then I took two books for each hand and placed them on her palms. Old horny women.
“Do not drop those books!” I said.
“If you drop them, you will be immediately spanked and will have to stand in the corner for even a longer time.

” I knelt down to her ankles, and put ankle cuffs on each of her legs. Unregistered pussy cam.
Then I grabbed the nearby spreader bar.
“Spread your legs wide apart for me.
” “Yes, sir.
” Then I attached the spreader bar so that she had to remain standing with her legs far apart.
Next I stood up and reached around Katie and started to unbutton her blouse. Spanking boys art.
“What are you doing?” Katie asked.
“Just holds still and don’t drop the books!” I told her.
Soon, I had her blouse completely unbuttoned and her pretty white bra was exposed.
Her bra had a clasp in front, and soon I had her nice round breasts free and I was playing with her nipples between my thumb and fingers. Forces to fuck with gun.
This made Katie wiggle about and she dropped two of the books.

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