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He pulled up the text.
This young lady doesn’t appear to have many, um, skills.
That’s okay, Annette.
She’s in the ladies room, but I will show her to your office when she returns.
Simultaneous with hearing his visitor was in the bathroom, he saw the text he received: no words, only an image. Sexy girls showing off.
It showed an uplifted frill of skirt above the shapely, naked ass of a woman.
His first instinct would have been to confirm it was his wife, but his judgment grew hazy with the sight of a slender neck of a butt plug, firmly inserted into the woman’s ass. Remote control toy.
His cock grew instantly hard.
The background of the photo clearly showed the interior of a bathroom stall.
It had to be her.
He heard a knock on his door.
Come in, he said.
The door opened.
There she stood.
It was his wife.

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It wasn’t his wife.
He took her in from the feet up.
Those fuck-me-now high heels.
The short skirt like something out of a wet dream, and pleated no less, a detail plucked straight from his teenage fantasies. Phone sex free.
The tight sweater and braless tits.
The choker that, like the pleated skirt, implied an intimate working knowledge of the sexual mechanics of his libido.
The red hair, however, proved the masterstroke.
Her and not her. Teen web chats warren michigan.
His and not his.
He knew her face so well he could close his eyes and instantly recreate it from memory, but she wore her burning red hair and sexually charged dress like a mask, hiding her everyday self. Xxmissjoy freesex vedeo.
Or maybe the everyday self she showed him was the mask, and this signaled her true persona.
Both possibilities aroused him.
Who are you? he asked her.
She put a finger to her lips and shushed him.

In lieu of an audible answer, she closed the door and strolled to the side of his desk, putting more action into the movement of her legs and ass than was strictly necessary. Women in bondage in quicksand.
She pressed her hips against the desk and pressed her hands against the surface.
She turned to him and threw him a dirty, lop-sided smile.
She slowly lowered herself to the surface of the desk by sliding her hands out in front of her. Club couple swinger.
Her short skirt rode up over the dangerous curve of her ass as she slid.
He circled behind her, caught the hem of her skirt and flipped it up.
Her pussy glistened softly in the harsh fluorescent light.
Above her pussy the butt plug sparkled, winking at him. Rich women looking for sex.
He ran a fingertip along her pussy lips and up to the rim of her ass as she writhed under his touch.

Unlike the clothes she wore, which he had never seen before, he knew of the butt plug.
He had bought it for her. Marismuscle c2c free cam.
It was made of glass, and tinted with a honey hue.
He was color-blind; his wife had described it to him as amber colored.
Amber Glass.
That was how she had chosen her name.
He laughed aloud at her wordplay. Cuttie deep throat.
He dropped to his knees.
His tongue found its way to the edge of his lips and paused as he marveled at this gift before him, a perfect stranger and his wife, one cradled inside the other like nesting dolls. Asian girl contest.
Who else nested within her? He loosed his tongue and leaned into her fragrance, thirsty for the taste of more.
I’ve been such a bad girl recently.

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