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His favorites were the innocent ones—sweet, firm, with untouched bodies that would be oh so responsive.
But his prize was Lorelai.
He had been her family doctor for years.
Lorelai had a shy disposition, but her face always held a sweet smile for him. Asian adult six.
She’d come to him for regular check-ups over the years, as well as the occasional injury from her various extracurriculars—tennis, gymnastics, ballet.

He had seen her grow up to be a beautiful young woman. User dating kalispell sk.
Her lips maintained their plump cupid bow shape.
Her doe eyes that used to seem too large for her head retained their youthful sweetness.
At just 17 now, she was petite, but beautifully toned and curvy.
His various observations and glimpses of her from her visits have told him that her body was perfectly proportionate, with one blessed exception—her full, round C cup breasts, two ripe mounds jutting out enticingly, just a little too large for her slender frame.

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He thought her to be the ultimate holy specimen of ripe young womanhood.
He often found himself dreaming of her when he fucked his wife, imagining Lorelai’s succulent tits bouncing in his face, her tight wet pussy sliding up and down his hard cock, her little gasps of pleasure, and dribbles of slick juice down his thighs as she rode him. Rika vagiani pantyhose.

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