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I felt his huge head pushing its way in as Tom stuck his cock to my mouth.
“Suck it clean” he ordered as my man thrust his cock into my bowels without hesitation, while I took Toms nasty coated cock into my mouth.
“Ahh” I moaned as my man reamed my asshole in a semi circular motion as Tom held me by the head and fucked my mouth for the second time. Busty m ature in corset.
The scent of their deposited cum was quickly filling the room, much in the way their cocks were filling my ass.
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My ass was being fucked hard and deep.
I knew he was about to cum when I felt the throbbing of his cock.
“Give me that cum, baby.
Fill my little ass with your juices” I screamed.
He pumped it a few times extra hard, and then unleashed a waves of spurts. Women top russian women bikini.
I could feel his semen inside of me as Tom unloaded another gush of jism on my face and in my hair.
“Yes, give me that sticky cum coated cock” as my man moved forward for me to clean his cock as well.
“Mmm” I moaned in satisfaction as I tongued his shaft for any sticky residue before taking the shaft into my mouth.
“Ok Frankie, its your turn” my man advised as I cold feel the oozing of their cum seeping out of my tiny hole.

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I saw Frankie lubricating his massive erection, I trembled for a second wondering if I could take it.
He teased my asshole, poking it then pulling away.
Each time he poked it, he pressed it a bit further as I felt his oversized knob pressing into the brown hole.
“Ah yes” Frankie said with a smile on his face as he starred at his huge cock against my much tinier brown hole, “I’m going to enjoy fucking your little ass with my big black cock” as he wiggled the head against my hole.
“I want to hear to you screaming as I bury my snake inside your ass” he continued as he pressed his cock head inward. A phone dating service.

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