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Slowly, he took all of her warmth and felt his cock sink all the way inside her.
He felt her inner walls grip his hardness with everything she had.
Slow and easy, he thrust, slurping sounds now coming from between them. Videos of women peeing in diapers.
Millie felt his love pour into her as she consumed him.

They were not fucking.
This would never be a one night stand.
Millie could feel this being forever because they were making love.
Nothing hardcore about it. Sex chat id and password.
This was passionate lovemaking at its best.
William felt the passion, the desire, the hot erotic emotions flow from Millie into him as he slowly made love to her.
He could also feel that this was more than just a fuck.

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That it would never just be a fuck.
It was purely two people sharing themselves with each other and that it would always be that way.
Millie finally felt that tingle she had lost three years ago and it was building fast as William slowly exited and entered her. 3d toons ebony family nude.
The emotions of a pure true love orgasm was taking hold and she was so glad that her body still had it inside her.