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Looked at both uniforms hanging, ready, neatly pressed.
Jenny was due at 7 that evening.
Could I wait that long? It was 10.
30 and already I was impatient for the fun to begin.
I would call Jenny, get her to come round early, so we could prepare properly. Horny woman in cavan.
By having some fun ourselves.
As I reached for the phone it started ringing.
‘I can’t wait until 7.
Can I come round now? Please?’ Deferred gratification was not one of my friend’s traits.
‘I’ll put the coffee on if you bring something tasty. Naked girls from fort wayne indiana only.
Food I mean!’ I heard a dirty chuckle as she rang off.
Half an hour later she was at the door.
‘Just saw Jeff going off in his little car, heading for town.
The gym is ours, doll-face.
What are we waiting for?’ I smiled. Online sex video chat in austria.

First things first.
Coffee, and whatever goodies you’ve brought.
‘ I was insistent, and Jenny sat down beside me on the couch, a plate of pastries between us, with mugs of coffee.
Jenny didn’t take her eyes off the uniforms. Married sexy women dating ribeirao das neves.
I’d taken one sip when she leapt up.
‘I don’t want fucking coffee,’ she said, and started peeling off her clothes.
I ate an almond croissant as I watched her strip to her bra and panties and pull on her white school blouse. Ladies whores.
I let her get into her stockings and fasten the garter before I stood up, dusted off the crumbs and held up my hand.
She stopped, miniskirt in hand.
‘Did I give you permission to get into your uniform?’ I folded my arms and gave her my best flinty glare.

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She actually gulped.
‘Well, not exactly,’ she said.
‘And what do you think happens to young women who do things without asking for permission first?’ She blushed like a guilty schoolgirl.
‘I suppose a.
a spanking?’ ‘Is that what you think? Do wives masturbate. A spanking? I don’t think you realise the trouble you’re in, young lady!’ ‘Wow, you’re really good at this,’ Jenny said breathlessly.
I gave her the flinty glare again.
‘I mean, sorry miss, yes miss.
Or should that be no miss?’ I reached out and took her left ear between finger and thumb.
‘Come with me.
‘ ‘Ow, ow, ow, that hurts, stop it.
‘ A quick, stinging slap across her backside stopped the moaning and we made our way, a bit awkwardly, downstairs. Irani woman girl high res bum sexy.

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