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Obviously, you were number one suspect thanks to you two flaunting your dirty little fling, but I assured the head teacher I’d seen you in the canteen.
” The confusion on her little face was amusing him. Online dating relationship.
His cock was straining against his trousers, longing to let rip on the little slut.
“So, option one – you apologise to me and accept the punishment I have planned for you, regardless of what it may be.
” He struggled to contain his excitement, “Or option two – you refuse and I take you to the principal’s office after my ‘realisation’ that it was in fact you in the studio at break, and I’d been mistaken. Encyclopedia position sexual wikipedia.
From there you can face the wrath of the head and your parents together.
” Claire had no idea what to say.
She imagined the look on her parents’ faces when they found out she’d been having sex.

And at school no less. Sweet-ice chatroulette live sex.
They’d certainly stop her from seeing Scott after that.
And what if she got excluded from school? She was in her final year and the last thing she needed was to be kicked out before her exams.
She only had one option left. Man stuffs his head into pussy.
Her mouth was dry; “Erm.
Mr Sunderland? Well, I, I think it would be better if you dealt with this.
You know, for the sake of my parents and all.
” She dared to glance up towards him, catching a dark smile stretch against her teacher’s face. Julia allison dating andrew.
He stood up slowly, moved towards the door and silently locked it.
“Well then.

First things first.
I want you to beg me to punish you.
” He watched the fear spread across Claire’s face.
“Because after all, I am doing you a favour. Xxxx xxxx xxx.
And I may need a little ‘convincing’.
” Again he waited, as he saw her fear turn to horror.
He grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her to her feet.
His voice took on a darker tone, as he almost growled at her.
” With one single word, he pushed down hard on her shoulders, making her fall to her knees at his feet. Sexy white guy for sexy black girl.
Claire’s wavy brown hair covered her face from his view as she bowed her head.
She was surprised at his sudden rough side and began to wish she’d just ‘fessed up to the head instead.
“Please?” She squeaked.
“Oh come on Claire. Academy of facial plastics.