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And if I was not deeply involved in a long-term relationship with his father, I would be preparing to fuck this gorgeous and charming seventeen year old man-child.
The thought of capturing his virginity was so appealing. Best granny porn videos.
But I was committed to Don; and I did not want to jeopardize my relationship with him.
Matt had a crestfallen look about him.
He continued to rock his hips.
I gave his fingers another squeeze and said, “Let’s get out of here and clean ourselves up a bit. Nude puerto rican gifs.
I think we both can use some ‘alone time’ to take care of ourselves.
You can think about me and imagine what we would be doing if I was not in love with your father.
I know I will be thinking about you while I take a shower and tend to ‘little cindy’, okay?” I knew that both Matt and I needed to separate and masturbate to relieve the sexual tension we had created.

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He nodded agreement.
“Help me out of here and let’s shower and wash some of the sweat off ourselves.
” Matt released my leg, and I moved to a sitting position, he stood in front of me and I saw the huge tent in front of his towel. Free swinger wife threesome movies.
I could not help but to gasp at the size of the bulge his erection was making under the towel.
“Help me up” I said, extending my hand.
As he pulled me up, I stood on my one good leg, and I remarked, “It looks like you have a big problem there, you need to take care of that after you get me over to the shower” Matt wrapped one arm around me to steady me, and with his free hand he pulled his towel away from his waist, fully exposing himself to me.
“This is what you do to me Cindy” he said, proudly displaying his full erection.

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I gasped, “Oh my god, Matt, you are a very big man,” the words escaped my lips before I even thought of what to say.
Matt was considerably bigger than his father.
He was seven or eight inches long.
But even more impressive was the thickness, I do not ever remember seeing a penis as thick as Matt’s except in the occasional porn films I had seen. Single women seeking women in ancram new york.
Yes, he was built like a porn star.
His cock stood straight up, rigidly pulsing towards the ceiling.
He was circumcised.
The plum shaped glans stood proudly atop the thickly veined shaft.
I could not stop staring at this huge cock.
“Matt, you need to cover yourself up,” I stammered as I continued to stare in amazement. Local chat room girls.
It was all I could think to say.
Matt ignored this request and simply said, “Let me get you over to the shower.
” I watched as his large cock swayed wildly as he walked me towards the shower.

I cannot deny that I found his penis terribly exciting and inviting. Drunk and nude amateur full figured women.
I could not help thinking, ‘I wonder how that huge monster would feel inside of me?’ I used my free hand to hold the towel in place as Matt walked my slowly towards the shower.
The shower was a large glass paned stall, suitable for two. Hustler ginger spice.
Mike placed me leaning against the bathroom counter as he turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature of the spray.
I continued to look at him as he worked.
God, he was a magnificent specimen.
His cock stood proudly, erect and rigid in front of his well tone abdomen. Baby asians sucking dick.

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