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When I licked her sensitive clit, she squealed, “OH, FUCK!! Yes! Oh John, right there! Lick me right there! Ohhh, please!” I smiled to myself and began giving that little nubbin a thorough tongue-bath, licking and sucking the tender morsel as Rebecca went insane. Kimmyxx online sex chat website.
She thrashed around, moaning and speaking in tongues like she was possessed.
Instinctively she tried to close her legs and protect herself from the torture I was giving her, but my arms were locked around her and I held her thighs apart as I continued to tease her dripping pussy. Galleria picture porn busty milf.

It only took a few minutes of my tongue lashing her clit to bring her to the edge of her orgasm.
Before I knew it I heard her announcement.
“Ohh God John, I’m cumming.
Oh, GAAAWWDD!” Just as she got the words out I felt the rush of fresh juices on my tongue. Backpage moreno valley ca.
Her body tensed, then arched as every muscle she had locked up.
Had I been able to see it, her eyes rolled back and her mouth formed an “O,” a perfect symbol of what she was going through.
Her fists closed around the sheets until her knuckles turned white and she held her position, locked in a continuously frozen spasm, the only movement was the trembling from the strain.

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Then just as suddenly, her spasm broke and she fell back onto the bed, her head whipping back and forth making her hair into a blonde tornado.
She cried out “OhmyGod! OhmyGod!” in some kind of sexual chant as I continued to rock her world. Jennifer aniston dating derailed costar.
At last, she had finished and she lay there moaning and panting for breath.
I eased up and left my position between her legs to move up a bit higher.

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